12 startups pitched to 50+ Investment funds at CIE-IIIT Hyderabad's Demo Day

The startups at this demo day were spread across solution realms from IOT-AI for Industrial automation, CV-based game data analysis, AR-VR-based virtual meeting platforms, and surveying.The Accelerator programs offer up to 40L seed funding, and technology help through research labs of IIITH, along with strategy and GTM advisory leading up to initial customer traction.

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CIE-IIITH organized its semi-annual Demo Day on 1 March 2023 to mark the opening of the year. 12 startups from various programs pitched to over 50+ investors that were invited to the demo day. All 12 startups have interest from investors and conversations are on.

CIE is a 14+-year-old incubator that in the early days was supported by DST, MEITY & DBT. CIE has so far supported 400+ startups and has seed funded 25 startups. CIE-IIITH is also focusing on turning a new leaf in terms of infrastructure facilities, programmes and startup engagements focusing towards building a deep tech startup ecosystem.

Demo Day is an event where CIE-IIITH showcases its startups from its accelerator programs: Avishkar-DeepTech, Ojas-MedTech & Mediatech startups. The startups at this demo day were spread across solution realms from IOT-AI for Industrial automation, CV-based game data analysis, AR-VR-based virtual meeting platforms, and surveying.

The Accelerator programs offer up to 40L seed funding, and technology help through research labs of IIITH, along with strategy and GTM advisory leading up to initial customer traction. The startups are from varied technologies like AI/ML, CV, NLP, AR/VR, working in various domains of manufacturing, data analysis, surveillance, virtual meeting platforms, asset tracking.

''Research Translation and research backed startups are one of the core focuses of CIE's accelerators given IIITH's rich experience in deep technology research innovations. It's good to see more than 50+ investors joining out demo day and are interested in such deeptech innovation,'' said Prof. Ramesh Loganathan, COO, CIE-IIITH.

Funds that attended include Kalaari, SucSeed Innovation Fund, Chennai Angels, Mumbai Angels, Venture Catalysts, Refex Capital, Dexter Angels, Surfboard Ventures, Edha, Hyderabad Angels, T-Fund, Freeflow, Optum, Microsoft, GMR Innovex, Lead Angels, Startupxseed Enterprises Pvt Ltd. and many more. Most startups have got interest from investors for follow on conversations.

Annexure ANANTADI In-Video Advertisement backed by AI, to analyze, find and insert branded products, and signage virtually into entertainment video content. (as opposed to traditional product placement at the time of the shoot). The advertising future is ''Inside'' the content. AI Platform to Analyze, Embed & Deliver a Programmatic Product Placement to a targeted audience.

Age: 6 months Domain: Ad Tech, AI/ML Revenue: Pre-Revenue Team Size: 4 Website: www.anantadi.com PARENTHESES HuMaC is a human-centered augmented intelligence IoT platform, that converges machine intelligence and Human intelligence, working in a harmonious environment to heighten physical & cognitive performance across the manufacturing value chain resulting in enhanced productivity, efficiency & decision-making.

Age of company: 2.5 years Domain: Deeptech, Industrial IoT Revenue: Early Revenue Revenue INR 15L Team Size: 6 Website: www.parentheses.systems CHIMES Chimes offer age-appropriate, educational podcasts and audiobooks for kids to serve the 69 MN Indian Household edutainment market. With monthly podcast downloads of 1 MN+, we help parents limit kids' growing screen time while supporting the overall cognitive development of kids. Age of company: Established Oct 2019 Domain: MediaTech Revenue: INR 35L Team Size: 4 Website: www.chimesradio.com SEGRITECH Segritech is a compact and movable smart sorting machine for fruits and vegetables. Their machine uses AI for quality inspection of fruits and vegetables in real time.

Age of company: 2 years Domain: Agritech Revenue: Pre-Revenue Team Size: 5 Website: www.segritech.com CLOUDWORX A web-based IDE that lets users build applications and workflows for 3D content without any code. The current focus is to build applications for the Enterprise Metaverse in the form of digital twins that is powered by real-time data from sensors, equipment, processes, and interactions.

Age of company: 2+ Years Domain: Metaverse, IoT, SaaS, No Code Revenue. MRR 12L Team Size: 16 Website: www.cloudworx.ai ASTROMEDA Health-Tech Startup working on developing smart textile-based health monitoring Systems.

Age of company: 3+ Years Domain: Biomedical, Telehealth Revenue: INR 40L Team Size: 10 Website: www.astromeda.in PADMASEETHA A MedTech company focuses on affordable and accessible healthcare solutions. It has developed a US patented, OmniPD, a pioneering solution in renal care space, a portable, anytime/anywhere home dialysis device to empower renal patients with a near-normal life. Age of company: 7 years Domain: Healthcare, Medical Devices Revenue: INR 3 Cr (Through Grants, Loan, Bootstrap) Team Size: 2 Website: www.padmaseetha.com SPUTNIK BRAIN Novel brain modulation platform which physiologically elicits rapid stress alleviation or pleasure in the brain for relieving the suffering of the $300 billion issue of crippling stress in workplaces and large-scale corporations, non-surgically and in a convenient, biomarker-driven, repeatable and chemical-free technology Age of company: 1.5 years Domain: Deep-tech, Health tech, Medtech Revenue: INR 70L (grant) Team Size: 6 Website: www.sputnikbrain.com HUMMSA HUMMSA Biotech is an innovation-driven company which is a diagnostic gap in bacterial Sepsis using Nano-Biotechnology Age of company: 10 months Domain: Biotech/Medtech Revenue: Pre-Revenue Team Size: 6 Website: www.hummsabiotech.com JOLY AI A SaaS and AI platform that automatically selects the best photos from many photos captured by the photographer. Initial entry to the market is solving photo selection problems in wedding photography.

Age of company: 1 year Domain: Deep tech, AI Revenue: Pre-Revenue Team Size: 10 Website: www.jolyai.com CHOIRA Choira connects musicians with music studios and other musicians for online jamming and booking. Utilizing 5G network technology, it provides low latency and high-quality audio for real-time collaboration and creation. Choira makes it easy to connect and book online, allowing access to top-quality music studios and talented musicians & producers from anywhere, anytime! Age of company: 1 year, 4 months Domain: MediaTech Revenue: INR 4.35L, Users: 500+ Team Size: 11 Website: www.choira.io METAVERTS A Platform for Branding and Advertising on Virtual Real Estate and blended Ad spaces/Billboards in 3D Games, AR/VR and Metaverse. The solution aims to bridge the gap between creative outdoor advertising and Digital Worlds using non-intrusive, realistic advertising in 3D Environments.

Age of company: 2 months Domain: Media, AdTech, Advertising, AR/VR, Metaverse Revenue: Pre-revenue Team Size: 3 and growing Website: www.metaverts.io About IIIT-Hyderabad The International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) is an autonomous research university founded in 1998 that focuses on the core areas of Information Technology, such as Computer Science, Electronics and Communications, and their applications in other domains through inter-disciplinary research that has a greater social impact. Some of its research domains include Visual Information Technologies, Human Language Technologies, Data Engineering, VLSI and Embedded Systems, Computer Architecture, Wireless Communications, Algorithms and Information Security, Robotics, Building Science, Earthquake Engineering, Computational Natural Sciences and Bioinformatics, Education Technologies, Power Systems, IT in Agriculture and e-Governance.

Website: www.iiit.ac.in About CIE IIIT Hyderabad IIIT Hyderabad is the first IIIT to be set up in the country, in 1998. IIIT Hyderabad is a research university that ranks in the country for research in various areas of computer science. IIITH also strongly emphasises on translating research into products and startups. To enable this, the Centre for Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) was set up in 2008, which has since grown to be the largest academic incubator in the country. The Centre has very active programs across the spectrum of a startup journey. Entrepreneurship courses and workshops for students, Product Labs to seed new products from research, a pre-incubation program to help entrepreneurs create new startups, incubation to nurture early-stage startups, mentoring programs to improve strategy and business development of the startups, investor pitch days, and several talks/workshops from experts and successful entrepreneurs. CIE-IIITH was supported by DST (TBI) and MeitY (TIDE) in the initial years. Today, there are very active programs focused on emerging technology startups, research-based startups, medical technologies, and social technology startups. In the past 14 years, CIE has housed over 450+ startups that have raised about 250 Cr funding and created over 2500 jobs.

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