Connecting health with technologies - a need of these times

The Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) has the interest to carry out this process.

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Connecting health with technologies - a need of these times
Another feature of the Galen Clinic is the means of diagnosis, which is responsible for recording all requests for examinations. (Image credit: Flickr)
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The Ministry of Public Health (Minsap) has the interest to carry out this process. Therefore, connectivity in institutions has improved and work is being done jointly with software development companies so that projects can be integrated into the information available to hospitals, he said.


If you talk about the services and applications that Softel is developing, in order to computerize the health sector and thus improve the benefits in this area, you can not fail to mention one of its flagship products: the Galen Clinic.

It is a suite that contains the results of several medical components and, based on the configurations of the system, allows its installation in large institutes and polyclinics.

Currently, said Curbelo García, this tool is operating in 70 hospitals in the country, according to the levels of computerization that each of the health centers has. "For example, in some hospitals, because of the communication infrastructure and facilities available to them, only the medical records component has been established, which is the basic one, since it contains all the patient's registration, admission and admission, the report of surgery, and discharge ».

Another feature of the Galen Clinic is the means of diagnosis, which is responsible for recording all requests for examinations, ultrasound, X-rays and others that are performed in hospital institutions.

Once the shift requests are scheduled, the results are printed or sent directly to the system, and they can be consulted from anywhere in the hospital with access to the network, the directive explained.

Until then we had advanced in 2017, he said. «What changes this year is the external and general consultation component, since it is now fully computerized and, in a digital way, it can take all the control and registration of the consultations, as well as the parameters that are measured to patients and its evolution".

The last module that we have developed, and that is now in a pilot test, is hospitalization, which would be closing all the information of the person who enters the hospital and is like the cornerstone to shape the clinical history. This is the novelty that we bring to Informática 2018, he added.

Here the data of each one of the health parameters, the diagnosis, the medical indications, etc. are concentrated.

And all this information, together with the rest of the components, is what makes up the official record of the patient within the hospital institution, which is nothing more than the centralized clinical history.

It happens frequently, he said, that people move from one hospital to another, and this centralized clinical history is the one that is going to take care of getting the latest, most up-to-date information, and keep that data no longer as a patient. hospital, but as a citizen of Cuba.

One of the updates of this product is the move to free software, in addition to better features, greater functionality and web architecture, but this in turn requires an update in the infrastructure of the nodes of hospitals, said Curbelo García.

In this year, the institutes are expected to begin their implementation, as well as some general hospitals in Havana, such as the Hermanos Ameijeiras Surgical Clinic and Manuel Fajardo. Stabilization of the information bases and the first development and technical tests will also begin.

It should be noted that this system is validated and certified by the National Statistics Directorate of the Ministry of Public Health, since the benefits of the tool have to respond to the needs and requirements of the agency, it is not only designing the computer tool and installing it , but that this is translated into a popular benefit, said Curbelo García.

In addition to the Galen Clinic, there are other services developed by Softel that pay to connect health with technologies. For example, the information system for health that is posted on the Infomed site and groups several records such as the workers of the sector, the locations of the institutions, details of the medical services provided, the registration of the deceased and blood banks, among others, held the directive of the company.

"The centralized clinical history would also be part of this information system, because the intention is that all hospital institutions will be taxing the data they obtain from patients as they receive medical treatment, and when another institution needs this information they can access it without problems. This digital clinical history would also be connected to the registry of the citizen of the Ministry of the Interior.

"We must bear in mind that the computerization of society is a very comprehensive project and although Softel is working right now with the health sphere, this does not imply that the information of the deceased or in the case of the birth and birth registry - that we also want to incorporate- can not be taxed to the civil registry of the Ministry of Justice. The solutions and IT tools of the ministries and agencies have to be integrated into general solutions for the population.

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