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This exclusive platform to submit and get published press releases is useful for various organizations/entities such as government agencies, all size corporates, NGOs, educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities), research organizations, individual researchers, research journals, local urban and rural administration, through which they can enhance their visibility globally and thus engage with millions of readers across the world. We are already linked to over 900 such organizations/entities from various parts of the world and regularly publish provided press releases after editorial discretion. The service is free of cost.

Devdiscourse has niche global audience base with about 17.2 million impressions at Google Search every month plus estimated 500,000 visitors and 15 million page views per month. 94% of our audience base is of 18-64 years’ age group with diverse interest in developmental themes ranging from finance, economy, investment, environment, gender, information technology to sectors such as agro-forestry, education, energy, health, natural resources, transport, urban development, and water and sanitation.

Publishing press releases at our global media dais acts like an engagement tool for organizations/entities to augment their media presence and consumer attentions including stakeholder communication requirements.

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