Friendspire is Recreating Social Recommendations

Parag Narang | Updated: 15-05-2020 17:00 IST | Created: 15-05-2020 17:00 IST
Friendspire is Recreating Social Recommendations

Is the latest season of the Peaky Blinders on Netflix worth watching or is the new Lebanese dining destination around the corner worth trying-out? Questions like these are a part of our daily lives and as consumers, we often turn to online content for guidance. The digital world offers help in the form of online reviews, ratings, and opinions. However, there is something murky here. Top-rated reviews and comments are not always genuine. The social space is massive but it does not offer the solution we need, i.e. Personal Recommendations without the clutter of subscriptions and endless streaming. This is why Friendspire has been grabbing attention as a uniquely conceptualized social recommendation app.

The problem with online reviews

People trust online content for business and consumer reviews. But before believing what you read, just think about a simple reality. Online reviews affect purchase decisions. This is why businesses employ digital agencies to map, understand, and maneuver online conversations. This ensures the brand does not engage any negative attention. This is about real money since the downside of bad reviews means losing-out on business. Digital marketing teams can influence a testimonial, which means that the most trusted reviews might not be entirely honest. Providing free product samples for praising a product is an open industry secret. There is every chance that many of the top 10 review sites might not put the spotlight on a neighborhood restaurant or pub that might actually match your interests.

Being social should not always mean ‘social media’

Social media platforms are getting highly organized. Across different categories, we find top-ranked reviewers. Their opinion seems to make a big impact, invariably convincing people to try-out or dump a product. These recommendations are fed to our smartphones via infinite feeds. But do we need so much data? Yes, social channels have our friends, colleagues, and similarly employed, skilled or opinionated people but their voice is lost in the crowd. For many of us, the sheer volume of data can be overwhelming when making a quick decision. Many people hate applying a million filters to stay away from redundant streams. Further, social media ratings can be out-of-sync with your lifestyle preferences. For instance, for a podcast that appreciates contemporary art, the reviewing crowd can be very different. Again, movie reviews can be skewed as digital marketers try their best to ensure that nothing disparaging about their product is published.

The reality – we need a new type of social space.

Friendspire seems to fit the role!

How Friendspire is changing things?

It is unlikely that suggestions from strangers are always relevant to you. After all, they are not acquainted with your interests. Friendspire mates the core features of social apps with folks who are more likely to understand your choices – your friends! This application eliminates the hassle of scrolling & managing social feeds as there is a list of curated suggestions available at a single tap. So, you get more relevant advice about places to dine, books, bars, movies, travel destinations, or events. Essentially, it makes reviews more humanized, uncomplicated, and meaningful. 

What to expect?

  • Easily discover new movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, restaurants 
  • Find inspiration from strategically curated
  • Top 10 Lists Rate & build a library of your digital content
  • Easily bookmark recommendations

Social Recommendations that Inspire Real-life Experiences

Friendspire believes that friends know more about what can interest or inspire you. Overall, the content on this platform is easier to understand and helps you quickly create a list based on different interests. The engagement here is not dominated by top ratings. Unlike standard social media channels that promise thousands of trusted reviews, Friendspire does not want you to remain online for hours. It does not have a philosophy of using your time for driving revenue. Instead, it uses social interactions minimally but constructively – interactions that inspire you to try out something new, indulge in a hobby, or reconnect with the things you love, with your friends pointing in the right direction!

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