How to Choose the Best Laptop for Study?

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How to Choose the Best Laptop for Study?
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For a student, it is no longer possible to successfully study without a laptop or computer. As a rule, preference is given to laptops because of their mobility and convenience. But choosing a laptop for the study is not easy, because there is a huge selection of models from various manufacturers. With such a large variety available, it is quite easy to get confused and make the wrong choice, overpaying for unnecessary functions, or not paying for necessary ones. The same thing happened to me. Once, I did not pay enough attention to the selection of my laptop. As a result, it got broken, and I had to ask for a service to write my essays online. But this helped me to avoid plagiarism and to finish all my papers.

To choose a laptop, you must first determine the selection criteria. In most cases, students are not rich and one of the main parameters for choosing a laptop will be its cheap cost. As a rule, everything is simple here: the more functions and the higher the power, the more expensive the device will be. In this article, we will discuss how to choose a laptop that can solve the student's everyday tasks.


If your main goal is a successful paper and essay writing, and not demanding modern games, then you will not need large computer capacities. It is worth looking at the models based on fast Atom processors, which have sufficient power and low power consumption. This is important when a student has a lot of classes and there is nowhere to power the device. The processors of the Core Duo and Core 2 Duo are quite suitable to write an assignment.

Choose laptops with RAM from 2GB, but preferably with free expansion slots, so that in the future it can be bought and installed. Now RAM is not a very expensive thing. Therefore, it makes no sense to buy less than two gigabytes because this is the optimal amount necessary for the comfortable operation of the programs.

Size and Weight

Since students have a constant need to carry a laptop from home to school, the size and weight are not unimportant factors when choosing. Dimensions primarily depend on the diagonal of the screen, which should not be neglected. Pay attention to models with screen sizes from 14 to 15 inches. With a larger diagonal, it will be inconvenient to use it in public transport. And with a smaller diagonal, your eyes will quickly get tired after hours of work.

A heavy laptop will always be uncomfortable to carry. It is worth choosing models no heavier than three kilograms. Fortunately, today there is a trend in the USA for reducing the weight of portable devices. When choosing, do not forget about the strength of the case and the material from which it is made. A metal case is an ideal solution in terms of strength and stylish appearance, but in such a case, you have to overpay. But the case depends on your personality, so we will not recommend anything.

Battery Life

The student has to visit several classes at his college every day, which will occupy most of the day. And it is worth taking care that the laptop can work autonomously for a long time because it is not always possible to charge it. When choosing, pay attention to the battery life parameter, which, preferably, should exceed 4 hours of operation without recharging.


The presence of Wi-Fi will help to connect to a wireless network in your school, hostel and other places where there is free wireless Internet. The 3G module is welcome because if you have a SIM card with unlimited Internet, you can access the Internet anywhere and anytime. But the presence of an additional module will affect the cost of the laptop.

Operation System

An operating system is necessary. But its presence will significantly increase the cost of the laptop if you choose the usual Windows. For everyday work, the Start version or the slightly expanded Home Basic version is quite suitable for you. And if you have a torrent and some knowledge about operating systems, it will be even cheaper.


Having determined the parameters by which you will choose a laptop, you can easily select several models and then go to the market or order it online. And please check the reviews of other users who have already purchased the selected models. But remember that reviews can be subjective: the thing that someone likes may not be good for you. And do not forget that you still need a mouse and a bag or backpack to transport the laptop to the place of study.

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