TAKE A LOOK-From explainers to graphics, what you need to understand about the U.S. Election

Reuters | Updated: 30-10-2020 18:55 IST | Created: 30-10-2020 18:55 IST
TAKE A LOOK-From explainers to graphics, what you need to understand about the U.S. Election

Here is a selection of explanatory stories and graphics to help you understand the 2020 U.S. election, from the candidates' sharply divergent visions and policy stances to the electoral process, which has been complicated by the global COVID-19 pandemic. ELECTION PROCESS

How voting by mail works https://tmsnrt.rs/35nBTDg How vote counting works https://tmsnrt.rs/3dS4AvK

How the Electoral College works https://tmsnrt.rs/2TfgKFF Poll closing times https://tmsnrt.rs/3dyzbOE

Red mirage, blue mirage - beware of early wins The history and rules of U.S. poll watching

The battlegrounds that could decide the race Day by day calendar

ELECTION INTEGRITY What happens if the election is contested

Can Trump call in troops to quell election unrest? 'Dueling electors' pose risk of vote deadlock

What are 'faithless electors'? Why 'naked ballots' loom over the election

Legal battles over the election Despite Trump claims, voter fraud is very rare

History of contested U.S. elections POLICY ISSUES

Where Biden and Trump stand on key issues https://tmsnrt.rs/3khKPAd What a Biden win could mean for financial policy

What a second Trump term would mean for fin policy Foreign policy issues that divide Trump and Biden

Biden's green revolution vs Trump's war on red tape Trade, biofuels and the environment

How Biden would transform U.S. energy Where do Trump and Biden stand on tech policies?

Trump, Biden healthcare differences in spotlight Sharply different paths on immigration

On race, policing and criminal justice Democratic 'court packing'

Donald Trump's legacy: six policy takeaways POLLING

State of the battlegrounds https://tmsnrt.rs/37yGO6L Trump's approval rating https://tmsnrt.rs/2Z4nfOH

Trump's favorability https://tmsnrt.rs/3hXuP54 Biden's favorability https://tmsnrt.rs/3i9CBcx

Trump vs Biden https://tmsnrt.rs/32TL1ht Most important issue facing the country https://tmsnrt.rs/352bo7O

Best candidate on economy and jobs https://tmsnrt.rs/2EUzOp3 Best candidate on healthcare https://tmsnrt.rs/2DoN5p0

Best candidate on handling pandemic https://tmsnrt.rs/3lMWdFl Polling explorer https://polling.reuters.com/

OTHER TOPICS Ten moments that defined the 2020 campaign

Trump's stock market - a wild four years Control of Senate at play in 12 key races

A look at the 44 competitive races in the House Montana among gubernatorial races to watch

From abortion rights to 'magic mushrooms' Wall St banks and their staff are leaning left

How U.S. exchanges are preparing for chaos How social media will handle election scenarios

How political campaigns use your data https://tmsnrt.rs/34mUtMp How will a Biden presidency affect Canada?

What's at stake in key emerging markets? For more coverage, go to:

Eikon election app (https://tmsnrt.rs/3jB8Scg) Reuters.com U.S. 2020 election page (https://reut.rs/35ujfcU)

Live blog (https://reut.rs/3oltPLT) (Compiled by Tiffany Wu)

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