Vaibhav Maloo: The Visionary Behind Enso Group's Multifaceted Success

Vaibhav Maloo, Managing Director of Enso Group, is a visionary leader known for his remarkable achievements across various industries. His unwavering belief in self and continuous learning has led to significant growth for Enso Group. Recently, he garnered attention for a notable partnership with GazpromNeft-Lubricants and his book 'The Business of Life: Answers to 101 Tough Questions'.

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Vaibhav Maloo: The Visionary Behind Enso Group's Multifaceted Success
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A handful of professionals who have always stunned people worldwide with all that they have achieved through their work are those who never believed in the approach of giving up. These individuals from varied backgrounds and business niches have ensured that they give their best every step of the way and learn new things along their journeys. This attitude and approach have set them up for their desired success, even amidst massive saturation and competition. Who better than Vaibhav Maloo to serve as an example here? Vaibhav Maloo, the proud Managing Director of the Indian conglomerate Enso Group, is an astute businessman who has always believed in the power of the "self." He thinks that people are capable of achieving anything and everything their heart desires if they are willing to put in the required work. He also shares that strong self-belief goes a long way for individuals, apart from their tenacity, dedication, and passion.

This incredible man of several achievements and successes is also known for the immense growth he has brought for diverse sectors through Enso Group, which excels in industries like oil and gas, infrastructure, solar energy and mineral mining. Recently, Enso Group garnered more headlines when it joined forces with a Russian giant called GazpromNeft-Lubricants. The group's subsidiary inked this deal in 2023 and since then has remained unstoppable on the distribution network, specializing in the importation and distribution of GazpromNeft-Lubricants' high-quality oils, lubricants, and technical fluids for a wide variety of industries.

Speaking more on this trailblazing effort to sign a deal with the Russian Giant, the MD says that the partnership will provide uninterrupted supplies of base, motor, hydraulic, and gearbox oils for sale in the competing and growing Indian market. They are committed to growing the network and focusing on industrial and automotive sales in both B2B and B2C segments. With the partnership, the group has opened doors for over 100 products in Indian market and some products for other international markets.

Vaibhav Maloo, speaking on the importance of getting more skilled, explained, "I believe people should always work toward getting better at what they do because this is how one achieves excellence in their work. With the mindset of a "learner" before a "teacher," one goes ahead in gaining more knowledge and insights in their field and then inspiring others with their excellence and expertise. Also, one cannot deny how gaining more skills allows for more productivity, growth, and the confidence to further bring more glory to their brands and businesses." "When you start your day with the mindset of a learner, you open multiple avenues of success for yourself as that infuses more positivity and confidence to take over your respective field with your brands and businesses," Vaibhav Maloo further highlights. This entrepreneurial talent who has remained a powerful force for Enso Group, under the guidance of his entrepreneur father and Chairman Vinay Maloo, has together brought the group to the forefront with reportedly the products achieving international standards with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 16949, and OHSAS 1800.

In recent times, Vaibhav Maloo has also made more noise as an author, writing the much-talked-about book "The Business of Life: Answers to 101 Tough Questions." With this book, he has made sure to share his perspectives with the world and declutter their minds on several underlying issues that exist globally and within local communities. His book is all about offering readers 101 powerful chapters with a unique point of view & discusses how individuals need to sharpen skills, learn new things, and gradually implement them in their respective businesses and brands. These chapters are a collection of handpicked topics in Q&A format, catering to all demographics.

Available on Amazon, Vaibhav Maloo recently held book signing events in Mumbai, where he was delighted to meet different people and share more joy with the insights he provided them through his book. He has thus risen to the top as a one-of-a-kind entrepreneur and an author, columnist, avid traveller, and philanthropist.

"When you set your mind to achieving success, you set a unique path for yourself, where you wish to win and learn new life lessons. It is thus important to ensure you have an open mind to accept the ideas of others, the patience to learn, unlearn, and relearn things, and the dedication to stay committed to your goals and the goals of your business," he shares.

Vaibhav Maloo is currently working on launching an app soon for public use and is enjoying the success of his exceptional book, "The Business of Life: Answers to 101 Tough Questions." For more information, visit :

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