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India's exports up 1.34 pc in April to 44 billion US dollars

ANI new delhi India
Updated: 15-05-2019 22:13 IST
India's exports up 1.34 pc in April to 44 billion US dollars

Image Credit: Pexels

India's exports in April 2019 grew 1.34 per cent to 44.06 billion US dollars while imports jumped 4.53 per cent to 52.83 billion US dollars in the year-on period, the government said on Wednesday. The trade deficit for April 2019 is estimated at 8.78 billion dollars as compared to 7.07 billion dollars in April 2018, according to a statement by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Merchandise exports last month totalled 26.07 billion dollars as compared to 25.91 billion the same month of last year, registering a positive growth of 0.64 per cent. In rupee terms, exports increased by 6.45 per cent to Rs 181,021 crore from Rs 1,70,053 crore. The major commodity group of export was petroleum products, electronic goods, organic and inorganic chemicals, readymade garments of all textiles, drugs, and pharmaceuticals.

The imports of merchandise goods totalled 41.40 billion dollars (Rs 287,433 crore), up 4.48 per cent higher in dollar terms and 10.52 per cent in rupee terms. In April 2018, the imports were 39.63 billion dollars (Rs 260,085 crore). Oil imports were 11.38 billion dollars (Rs 78,989 crore), 9.26 per cent higher in dollar terms (15.58 per cent higher in rupee terms), compared to 10.41 billion dollars (Rs 68,344 crore) in April 2018.

Non-oil and non-gold imports were 26.05 billion dollars in April 2019, recording a negative growth of 2.19 per cent compared to 26.63 billion dollars in the year-on period. For services, the exports were estimated at 17.98 billion dollars, up 2.39 per cent, while imports were 11.43 billion dollars, up 4.73 per cent.

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