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SnugSquare Offers Indian Furniture Buyers With Over 3 Million Customizations in Personalized Decor From California, USA

SnugSquare Offers Indian Furniture Buyers With Over 3 Million Customizations in Personalized Decor From California, USA

Until now, the Indian buyer looking for even the slightest customization or personalization in their home or office furniture had no choice other than interior designers or local craftsmen. However, none of the online/offline options caters to the pressing demand for truly customized furniture and existing furniture options are bogged down by limited catalog, leaving the onus on the buyer to scout for the perfect piece of furniture, hoping to find something that can possibly be an extension of their personality and taste.

This lack of personalization could very well be the reason why only 3% of total home/office decor and furniture sales happen online, in spite of a huge $185 million market waiting to be captured. There's also an inherent distrust in after-sales service from existing online options, with homeowners or offices preferring to rely on touch and feel rather than take a risk of buying furniture online.

SnugSquare has been launched as India's first truly customizable furniture brand, catering to this unaddressed demand by bringing bespoke and customizable furniture manufactured in California, USA to Indian customers at affordable prices. It empowers the buyer to customize and personalize their furniture online; with over 3 million customizations to fit every budget and style, making each piece of furniture unique to the buyer.

Millennials all over the world are increasingly seeking creative choices when it comes to their shopping. SnugSquare is poised to tap into this growing global trend in homes/offices, where buyers want their choices to be a reflection of their self.

SnugSquare allows customizations in every element of the furniture including the wood, frame, legs, cushioning, stitching, fabric patterns and more. This allows matching new furniture with existing home/office decor or style an entire range of furniture from scratch. This means no more wasting time scouting around the city or shopping online, looking for furniture that exactly meets one's taste and needs.

SnugSquare buyers also have the luxury of post-purchase upgrade or replacing furniture 'part by part', if it ever starts to feel dated. Users can go for an upholstery restyling or order sofa legs and other parts of the unit separately; which also saves money to replace the entire unit in case of damage or wear and tear, completely eliminating the pain of looking for sub-standard replacement parts from local vendors for any kind of after-sales repairs. SnugSquare also offers a unique and never before 365-day Home Trial and free standard shipping.

Mubarak Bijinemula, Designer-in-Chief and CEO of SnugSquare comments: "SnugSquare's Co-creation experience empowers Indians to showcase their creativity through their choices in furniture customization, rather than going for off-the-rack options."

India's 440 million millennials are now making steady strides towards home-ownership and many new start-ups are being formed every day. SnugSquare combines the power of 'Co-creation' with the element of 'YOU' for a truly unique shopping experience, reshaping the way Indians shop for furniture online.

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