Camu Virtual Classroom Now Comes Free to all Educational Institutions in the Country

PTI | Chennai | Updated: 31-03-2020 12:02 IST | Created: 31-03-2020 12:02 IST
Camu Virtual Classroom Now Comes Free to all Educational Institutions in the Country
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CHENNAI, March 31, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Camu, an integrated Student Information System and Learning Management Solution from Octoze Technologies Private Limited will be offering its Virtual Class Room Solution for free to all universities, colleges and schools. The current evolving changes around the world has propelled the universities, schools and colleges to get quickly on to online classes to continue with student education without any disruption to learning. Camu's Virtual Classroom Solution allows institutions to continue with teaching and learning process remotely. It is simple and all one needs to do is to register at and get enabled. Camu's Virtual Classroom Solution offers video conferencing, messaging and chatrooms, class scheduling, assignments, online quizzes and a lot more to enable student engagement.

Adding to the announcement, Mr. Swaminathan AR, Founder & CEO said, "With academic disruption looming large in front of the student community, there is an imminent need for education to continue uninterrupted and Camu offers its virtual classroom solution at no cost. Institutions are adopting some sort of a video conferencing platform for continuity in education. However we also need to onboard the teachers and students to the new technologies in a seamless manner. Camu offers the video conferencing capability with Web and Mobile Apps and therefore literally removes any significant training overhead for the teachers and students." Camu is serving 1 million students and has impacted 400+ educational institutions across six countries. Every day over 130,000+ teachers and students log in for online teaching and learning. To Register ,click: About Camu Camu is the flagship product from Octoze Technologies Private Limited, which is headquartered in Chennai. Octoze Technologies innovates primarily in education technology. Camu is a cloud solution developed using open source technologies for both web and mobile platforms. Camu uniquely offers an Integrated Student Information and Learning Management Solution built to deliver the modern concepts promoted by the Washington Accord and the Seoul Accord. Camu is fundamentally built for the Fully Flexible Choice Based Credit System, Outcome Based Education, a flexible Assessment model used with more than 700 programs in six countries.

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