Vikings Valhalla Seasons 2 & 3: Updates on release & plotline

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Vikings Valhalla Seasons 2 & 3: Updates on release & plotline
Vikings: Valhalla is a sequel series to the insanely popular HISTORY Channel series Vikings. Image Credit: Vikings Valhalla Season 2 / Netflix
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Netflix officially announced Vikings Valhalla for Season 2 and 3 in March 2022, but the productions for Vikings Valhalla Season 2 has wrapped up in November 2021. The streamer hasn't yet revealed a release date for Vikings Valhalla Season 2, but it seems fans will get the good news soon.

Netflix has released the line-up for their second annual free virtual global fan event Tudum, which is scheduled to happen on September 24. In Tudum, the streamer will show "news, never-before-seen footage, trailers, and first looks, as well as interviews with Netflix's biggest stars and creators." Vikings Valhalla is included in the Netflix Tudum 2022 list.

Vikings: Valhalla is a sequel series to the insanely popular HISTORY Channel series Vikings. The series stormed Netflix since its release and becomes the most-watched show within 24 hours of the streamer.

The historical drama, Vikings Valhalla is set over a hundred years after the events of Vikings, as tensions between the Vikings and the English royals reach a bloody breaking point and as the Vikings themselves clash over their conflicting Christian and Pagan beliefs. Leif Erikson, Freydís Eiríksdóttir and Harald Hardrada begin an epic journey that will take them across oceans and through battlefields, from the Kattegat to England and beyond, as they fight for survival and glory. The series shows the end of the Viking Age, marked by the Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066.

The first season consists of eight episodes which premiered on Netflix on February 25, 2022. Vikings Valhalla season 1 ends with the beginning of the Battle for Kattega. Kåre's forces attack the city walls. Haakon is hit with a volley of arrows and succumbs to her wounds whilst Altöra and Arne are killed by Kåre's followers. Obsessed with killing Freydís, Kåre hunts her down to the great hall but she beheads him. Olaf's plan is revealed to be a ruse to split Kattegat's forces. As Olaf's forces arrive in Kattegat, Olaf mortally wounds Liv and she dies in Leif's arms. Harald is wounded during the battle, but Freydís comes to his aide. Olaf claims victory, but Forkbeard arrives with Canute's fleet and Olaf's forces quickly abandon Kattegat. Forkbeard's grandson HaraldHarefoot discovers several of Kåre's followers slaughtered and an enraged Leif covered in blood.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Leo Suter, (who plays Harald) told what lies ahead for his character with Freydís in Season 2: "These are two people who are... they have a lot to talk about and they work so well together. But at the same time, there are big forces and big passions that are pulling them apart, and as with any sort of love story, there's... it's so simple in some respects, but also so complicated in other ways."

Speaking with Newsweek, the creator, Jeb Stuart said Viking DNA have explored almost all part of the world. "They were great traders. So they went to Constantinople, they went to Egypt, they went through the Middle East. Viking DNA is found almost all over that part of Europe. They went to the Iberian Peninsula and obviously England and Ireland."

"So you can probably guess that my Vikings are going to get on their boats and explore a little bit."

Following the nail-biting finale of the series, fans are eagerly waiting for Vikings Valhalla Season 2. But we might not get the second season in 2022. Though there is no specific date mentioned however the show will return for Season 2 in 2023. Production is gearing up for Vikings Valhalla Season 3 too. Speaking to DigitalSpy, the creator Jeb Stuart said, "Season three is very exciting and my Vikings get out of Scandinavia, so we have lots of great surprises and stories for season three."

Let's wait for the Netflix Tudum event out of Korea at 11:00 am KST on September 23. Get the full list of TV shows, movies and video games of the Tudum events and the timings here.

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