EXO's Suho Captured in Delightful Teasers for 'The Crown Prince Has Disappeared’

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EXO's Suho Captured in Delightful Teasers for 'The Crown Prince Has Disappeared’
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In a recent reveal, MBN has delighted fans by unveiling a new poster for its eagerly anticipated weekend miniseries, "The Crown Prince Has Disappeared." This upcoming romantic comedy-drama stars none other than EXO’s Suho, alongside Hong Ye Ji and Kim Min Kyu, promising a mix of romance, comedy, and drama set against the vibrant backdrop of the Joseon dynasty.

"The Crown Prince Has Disappeared" spins a tale of love and chaos during the Joseon era, centering on an unprecedented event where the crown prince finds himself abducted. What sets this narrative apart is the intriguing twist that his kidnapper is none other than his intended bride. This premise lays the groundwork for a series filled with comedic tension, romance, and unexpected adventures.

The newly released poster captures the dynamic between the main characters: Lee Geon, the Crown Prince portrayed by Suho; Choi Myung Yoon, played by Hong Ye Ji, who is the daughter of Joseon's most esteemed physician; and Prince Doseong, Lee Geon's younger brother, brought to life by Kim Min Kyu. This visual tease suggests a lively and humorous interplay among the trio, hinting at the comedic and thrilling chase that will unfold as the story progresses.

The production team has expressed their excitement about the project, praising the youthful energy and talent of the cast. "The youthful charm and energy of the three talented actors – Suho, Hong Ye Ji, and Kim Min Kyu – shine through in the poster," the production company stated. They further promised that "The thrilling cat-and-mouse chase between the trio promises to bring much excitement and laughter to the viewers."

Audiences are eagerly awaiting the premiere of "The Crown Prince Has Disappeared," set to grace screens on March 9th. With its unique blend of historical setting, comedic plot, and a charming cast, the show is poised to offer a refreshing take on the romantic comedy-drama genre.

As the premiere date approaches, fans are encouraged to stay tuned for a series that promises to deliver laughter, excitement, and perhaps a touch of romance, all set within the intriguing confines of the Joseon dynasty.


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