‘This is Me... Now: A Love Story’ is a hopeless romantic's journey through life: Jennifer Lopez

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‘This is Me... Now: A Love Story’ is a hopeless romantic's journey through life: Jennifer Lopez
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Pop star-actor Jennifer Lopez says she wanted to do a ''surrealistic, escapist kind of funny look'' at a hopeless romantic's journey through life and her show ''This Is Me...Now: A Love Story'' is her effort at it.

Lopez, one of the biggest stars in showbiz, said the Amazon Original show is a hybrid of her personal and professional journey over the years.

Married to actor-filmmaker Ben Affleck - they broke off their engagement in 2004, went on to marry different people before getting back together - Lopez said her husband understood what she wanted to say in the show.

''People didn't understand what I was trying to do because it wasn't something that had been done before. I think people are used to seeing a collection of videos when you talk about a musical project... They are not used to seeing a narrative story that has music, drama, has visual effects and has all of these different elements to it,'' Lopez told PTI in response to a question during a roundtable interview.

She said she is confident fans globally will connect with this ''visual and musical odyssey''.

''It's kind of a hybrid of many things. It was like here's what I want to do: I want to do a surrealistic, romantic, escapist kind of funny look at one hopeless romantic's journey through life and figuring out love. They're like, 'Ha, okay'. I was like, 'It's going to be great, you're going to love it','' she said.

''This is Me... Now: A Love Story'' will be released on February 16 on Prime Video alongside Lopez's ninth studio album ''This is Me... Now''.

The album, a sequel to her 2002 record ''This is Me... Then'', is inspired from Lopez's personal life, including romance, break-up, reconnection and marriage with Affleck.

''I had (director) Dave Meyers, who totally got what I wanted to do and was my partner through this. And my husband, who understood that as an artist, I had a story that I wanted to tell, besides just the music of the album, which inspired the whole thing,'' she added.

According to the streamer, ''This Is Me... Now: A Love Story'' features great costumes, breathtaking choreography, and star-studded cameos in Affleck, Sofia Vergara, Post Malone, Jay Shetty, Trevor Noah, Derek Hough and Sadhguru among others.

Asked whether the story will connect with Indian audiences, Lopez, 54, said she hopes the story she is trying to tell inspires her fans everywhere.

''I'm hoping they enjoy the visual and musical odyssey that it is. Everybody loves dance, singing, and understands and doesn't understand love. They want to kind of go on journeys like that where they can watch something and come out on the other side. There's messages in there that I hope, inspire people and comfort them,'' she said.

Lopez has penned ''This is Me... Now: A Love Story'' with Matt Walton.

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