Outer Banks Season 4 to Explore Pogues' Past 'Trauma,' Chase Stokes Teases

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Outer Banks Season 4 to Explore Pogues' Past 'Trauma,' Chase Stokes Teases
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As Outer Banks gears up for Season 4, fans of the sun-soaked drama are in for a treat. Chase Stokes, who has won hearts as the treasure-hunting John B, recently shared a glimpse into the emotional depth and high-stakes adventure awaiting viewers. Speaking to PEOPLE while promoting Zenni Optical’s EyeQLenz, Stokes, now a brand ambassador for the innovative eye protection solution, opened up about the complexities and challenges the Pogues will face in the new season.

Having spent six intense weeks filming overseas, Stokes conveyed a palpable sense of excitement and anticipation for what he describes as one of his favorite seasons yet. The actor, deeply embedded in the creation of the latest installment, hinted at a season that not only honors the show's original charm but also elevates the narrative to new heights. "The writers really wanted to bring back the authenticity and the raw character connections that made the first season so compelling," Stokes revealed.

This dedication to capturing the essence of the show's beginnings, however, doesn't mean the series will shy away from its signature blend of exhilarating treasure hunts and complex young adult drama.

The end of Outer Banks Season 3 left audiences reeling from the dramatic losses suffered by the Pogues, especially the deaths of John B and Sarah Cameron’s fathers. Stokes teased that season 4 would not gloss over these traumas but rather delve into their profound effects on the characters, particularly the young couple at the heart of the story. "Anytime you experience loss, it hits in spaces and in places that you don't anticipate," he reflected. This exploration of grief and its aftermath promises to add a rich layer of emotional complexity to the show's already dynamic narrative.

Moreover, Stokes highlighted the upcoming season's focus on self-doubt and introspection, a theme spurred by the characters' rapid changes in lifestyle and the succession of obstacles they've faced. "It's been a huge shift in a very short period of time, and dealing with that level of trauma will definitely make them start asking deeper questions," he added, suggesting that season 4 will see the Pogues grappling with their identities and the consequences of their quest for treasure.

Aside from discussing the show's thematic depth, Stokes also touched on the personal growth he's experienced since stepping into the role of John B. Fame has brought lessons on the importance of privacy and cherishing close relationships. "It's really made me appreciate the smaller things... like privacy or friendships," Stokes shared, noting the change in how some old friends perceive him, now through the lens of his character.

As the cast of Outer Banks Season 4 continues to explore new opportunities, Stokes emphasized the strong support they have for each other's careers outside the show. He shared a particularly strong bond with Drew Starkey (Rafe), reflecting on their pre-show auditions and mutual pride in each other's successes. Stokes's anticipation for Starkey's role in the upcoming film "Queer" with Daniel Craig reflects the camaraderie and mutual respect among the cast members.

While the exact release date for Outer banks Season 4 remains a closely guarded secret by Netflix, Stokes's insights offer fans a promising look at what "Outer Banks" season 4 will bring to the table. From a return to the series' roots to tackling profound themes of loss and identity, the upcoming season is poised to be a thrilling continuation of the Pogues' story.

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