One Piece Chapter 1112: Gorosei Locate Critical Device, Impacting Straw Hats' Escape

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One Piece Chapter 1112: Gorosei Locate Critical Device, Impacting Straw Hats' Escape
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One Piece chapter 1112 brings crucial developments in the ongoing Egghead arc, featuring the Gorosei's strategic actions and their direct impact on the Straw Hats' escape plans. Here’s a detailed look at the key plot points:

Gorosei's Strategic Move

The chapter starts with the Gorosei discovering the location of the Transponder Snail that Dr. Vegapunk uses to broadcast messages. This discovery is significant because it allows the Gorosei to potentially control or disrupt Vegapunk’s communications.

Attempt to Destroy the Broadcast Source

Saint Marcus Mars, a member of the Gorosei, tries to stop the broadcast by destroying the room where the snail is located. He uses a powerful beam attack, but the broadcast continues despite the damage, indicating that Vegapunk anticipated such an attack and took measures to protect the broadcast.

Straw Hats Face Continued Resistance

While the Gorosei focus on the snail, the Straw Hats deal with ongoing attacks. A marine report early in the chapter notes the defeat of the Mark III Pacifista, which had been blocking the Straw Hats' escape. However, the relief is short-lived as marine battleships intensify their efforts to prevent the Straw Hats from escaping.

Key Confrontations

Franky’s Encounter: Franky defeats Vice Admiral Red King, illustrating the Straw Hats' determination and resourcefulness.

Bonney's Role: Bonney transforms Vice Admiral Pomsky into a child, highlighting her crucial role in the crew and her ability to influence the battlefield uniquely.

Discussions Inside the Labo-Phase

Stussy and Kaku, away from the main action, discuss their situation and the broader implications of the events unfolding around them. Their dialogue sheds light on the internal conflicts and strategic considerations within the groups affected by the Gorosei's actions.

Challenges in the Straw Hats' Escape

The chapter also focuses on the logistical challenges the Straw Hats face in their escape. With the destruction of Vegaforce 01, their primary escape mechanism, they are forced to consider alternative strategies. This part of the plot emphasizes the dire situation of the Straw Hats and their need to adapt quickly.

Unforeseen Complications

The climax of the chapter occurs when Mars finds the Transponder Snail but encounters an unexpected complication that isn’t revealed to the readers. This development promises further twists in the next installment, keeping the tension high.


In summary, One Piece chapter 1112 is a critical episode in the Egghead arc that advances the storyline significantly. The Gorosei's discovery of the Transponder Snail and their failed attempt to halt Vegapunk's broadcast introduce new challenges for both the Gorosei and the Straw Hats. The chapter effectively sets the stage for upcoming developments, with both sides gearing up for more intense confrontations as the arc progresses.

One Piece Chapter 1113 is scheduled for release on April 28, 2024. One Piece can be accessed through Viz Media. Fans can read the series officially and at no cost on both the Shonen Jump and Manga Plus apps. The upcoming chapter,

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