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Pakistan to study China's work to eradicate poverty, corruption with week-long visit

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Updated: 19-11-2018 17:52 IST
Pakistan to study China's work to eradicate poverty, corruption with week-long visit

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A 20-member Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) delegation on Monday left for Beijing on a visit during which it will be briefed on China's political history and review the ruling Communist party's successes in eradicating poverty and corruption in the world's most populous country.

The week-long visit by a jumbo delegation of Pakistan's ruling party comes weeks after Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is also the chief of the PTI, made his first visit to China on November 2.

PTI Central Secretary General Arshad Daad is leading the delegation, which was invited by the Communist Party of China (CPC), state-run Radio Pakistan reported.

Both parties are expected to hold meetings where they discuss matters of "bilateral value", the report said.

A briefing on China's political history and inter-departmental arrangements will also be given to the PTI delegation, along with a review of Beijing's successes in the eradication of poverty and corruption from the country, it said.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has launched a massive crackdown on corruption and under this, many top leaders, including ex-army generals have been arrested for alleged graft.

Prime Minister Khan has often praised the Chinese government's efforts for poverty alleviation.

"This is where we admire China so much. No country in human history has ever taken 700 million people out of poverty in 30 years as China has done," he said while delivering a speech at the CPC's Central Party School during his visit to Beijing.

China and Pakistan view each other as 'all-weather' allies and Beijing is Pakistan's major source of defence equipment. China has also agreed to provide financial aid to cash-strapped Pakistan government to tide over the current financial problem.

(With inputs from agencies.)

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