"Police not independent in West Bengal, works under political pressure...register less cases": NCW Chief on NCRB data

National Commission for Women (NCW) Chairperson Rekha Sharma on Thursday spoke about National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data and highlighted that cases are not being registered in West Bengal by the police as cases are not being registered by the police as the police force is not independent and works under political pressure.

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"Police not independent in West Bengal, works under political pressure...register less cases": NCW Chief on NCRB data
National Commission for Women (NCW) Chairperson Rekha Sharma (Photo/ANI). Image Credit: ANI
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Observing the just-released National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data labeling Kolkata as the safest city of India in 2022, the National Commission for Women (NCW) Chairperson Rekha Sharma on Thursday said that cases are not being registered in West Bengal due to the "political pressure" of Mamata-led TMC government. Speaking to ANI, NCW Chief Rekha Sharma said, "What do you mean by increasing crime? If you say it on the basis of FIR, then I won't say increase in crimes, I would rather say that more people are coming forward and reporting it and secondly police are registering it. After FIR, the investigation takes place and then we get to know what cases are gone to court'."

"First of all, we don't have that data in this NCRB report. Secondly, if women are coming forward to file a report, it means that they know about their rights, they are aware of where they have to go and the police are also helping them in registering those FIRs," Sharma added. She further said that West Bengal Police were not cooperating in filing the FIRs.

"Now government is not scared of the data unless we know what's happening in the society and how work can be done on it. Atleast the procedure started when the police started listening. So, I feel it's a positive thing," she further said. NCW chief said there is an increase in cases of domestic violence and there is a need to sensitise people.

"As far as the cases are concerned, I feel domestic violence cases have increased amongst the families. In this, there is no role of police, law or government. The society is responsible and I have always said that no matter how harsh a rule we make, till there is no change in the thought process of the society or given the rights of the women that they have, our society won't be equal till then. You will see the same issue in this data as well," Sharma said. NCW Chief further said that the biggest work under her tenure is to sensitize people.

"We are also sensitising police and I am happy that there is a change in the police. They are filing FIRs, otherwise police personnel don't listen. They also come from the same society. When women visit police stations to register a complaint, they don't listen, now it is changing and it is good. In homes, we are starting to bring change through colleges and schools by sensitising them," NCW Chief said. Stating that the focus is on the promotion of legal awareness, Rekha Sharma said, "We are doing legal awareness programs on streets, but I think everyone should together sensitise people. I think there is some change in education as well as National Education Policy has been implemented. I feel if we teach kids about gender equality."

"The upcoming generation will be better on this issue. I feel there is a change, people are also talking about it. State governments are also talking about it. You'll see the prime minister stressing so much on gender equality be it in jobs or the army. Recently in his address, he said women are the driving force in society. But in society, it takes time to seep into the grassroots level. I feel we all should together talk about it," she said while lauding PM Modi's efforts of bringing in women force in every sector. When asked about Uttar Pradesh topping the list of crime against women, Sharma said, "The data that NCRB shows is based on population because Uttar Pradesh is a state whose population is high. If you see other states, it's also based on population, be it Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan. The biggest thing is that the population is high in West Bengal also, but FIRs are not registered there and that's why cases are not mentioned as the reality is."

She also highlighted that the police force is not independent in West Bengal. Slamming Mamata -led TMC government in West Bengal for not allowing police to work independently, she said, "They work on political pressure and that's why FIRs are not registered there. So, the data will be shown less. When the data is less, doesn't mean the cases are not happening, it means there is something wrong the data is not being shown. I feel if data is coming forward from Uttar Pradesh and the police are working more, then it is good."

"Uttar Pradesh government has told the police to help the women. Different helplines are there that are helping women. It is showing that the government is working. I welcome that women are coming forward and speaking about it," she added. Sharma said, 'I feel women should not keep quiet and they are not being quiet now as shown by the data, but more women should come forward if they are facing any kind of atrocity be it at home or outside. If the police is not helping, then they should come to NCW, we will handhold them and the biggest thing is they should call out and raise their voices. (ANI)

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