Conspiracy of Alipur gang war hatched in Jail to avenge Tillu Tajpuria's murder: Delhi police

Delhi Police on Sunday revealed that the conspiracy of the Alipur murder cum gang war case was hatched in Delhi Jail to avenge gang leader Tillu Tajpuria's murder by Gogi gang members.

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Conspiracy of Alipur gang war hatched in Jail to avenge Tillu Tajpuria's murder: Delhi police
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Delhi Police on Sunday revealed that the conspiracy of the Alipur murder case was hatched in Delhi Jail to avenge gang leader Tillu Tajpuria's murder by Gogi gang members. Delhi Police also mentioned that five of the shooters of the Tillu gang committed the crime on the instructions of jailed gangster Amit alias Dabang.

Additional CP Rajiv Ranjan Singh on Sunday said, "Delhi Police Special Staff of outer North District and special cell in two different operations have arrested two sharpshooters and an informant associated with the notorious Tillu Tajpuriya gang and worked out the broad daylight murder in gang war case in Alipur police station area." "With the arrest of these two shooters, the mystery of murder has been solved. Both the arrested individuals hail from Haryana and were involved in killing of a rival gang member. Murder was planned and orchestrated in Prison to assert dominance and to avenge Gang Leader Tillu Tajpuria's death in jail by Gogi gang members. The informant behind the targeted killing, who is a resident of Alipur area, has also been arrested," he added.

Speaking to ANI DCP Ravi Kumar Singh said, "On April 22 a PCR call regarding firing near the opposite bus stop, Alipur was received at PS Alipur, Delhi. Upon receiving the call, the staff of PS Alipur reached the spot where they found a Tempo with multiple gunshot marks. Subsequent inquiry revealed that 5 individuals had opened fire on the occupants of the aforementioned Tempo. The injured persons were immediately rushed to SRHC Hospital, Narela, for treatment. 1 individual was declared dead by the doctors, while another sustained gunshot injury to the leg." The deceased was identified as Narender Malik alias Dhilla (26) while the injured was Tarun Yadav.

During the inquiry, it was found that the brother of the deceased, namely Surender, who is an active member of the Gogi gang and has been in Judicial Custody for the last four years in connection with a case under Alipur PS. Local inquiries further revealed that after the arrest of Surender, his brother Narender allias Dhilla (deceased) along with his associates, joined the Gogi gang and became active member of the gang.

Subsequently, based on the statement provided by the injured Tarun Yadav, a case was registered and further investigation was carried out. Inter-gang rivalry was suspected as the deceased Narender was connected with Gogi Gang but all the angles were being investigated. There is an old rivalry between Gogi and Tillu Tajpuriya, both resident of Outer Delhi's Alipur area since their college days in 2012-13.

After his escape from the custody of Haryana Police in 2016, Jitender Gogi along with Kuldeep, Fazza, Rohit and Moi were involved in many broad daylight shootouts, before his arrest by Special Cell in 2020. Kuldeep and Fazza who escaped from custody of police in March 2021, were killed during action by Special Cell, Delhi. Later, Gogi was killed in Rohini Court by rival Tillu Tajpuriya gang.

In May 2023, Tillu Tajpuriya was stabbed multiple times by rival gangsters in jail and killed. Yogesh alias Tunda, a resident of Dhuliya Colony, Alipur is now leading the Gogi gang, said police. The deceased Narender was also a resident of Dhuliya Colony, Alipur and belonged to the Gogi gang. A gang war is suspected to be behind the above murder case.

During the investigation, it was ascertained that this murder was the result of an old rivalry between the Tillu Tajpuriya Gang and the Gogi gang. The team analysed the CCTV footage near the spot and it was found that a total of 5 assailants opened fire on the Tempo in which deceased and injured were sitting. All 5 assailants came on two motorcycles and after committing the crime they swiftly fled towards Jindpur, Alipur, Delhi. Thereafter, the team based on technical surveillance and local intelligence was successful in apprehending 2 persons namely Happy and Vishal.

Accused Vishal is an active Sharp Shooter of the Tillu Tajpuriya Gang, who along with his four associates namely Sumit alias Jhumka, Sagar, Neeraj and Bharat opened fire on deceased Narender and the injured Tarun Yadav. Further, it was also revealed that accused Happy was also present at the spot and was continuously providing information to assailants through mobile phones about the movement of the deceased Narender.

On May 5, specific input was received about one person namely Bharat Kumar, who is a resident of Charkhi Dadri, Haryana involved in the Alipur murder case would come near Outer Ring Road Vikaspuri, Delhi leading towards a drain. Accordingly, a trap was laid at the Outer Ring Road Vikaspuri leading towards drain and apprehended one person. Upon questioning by police team, he was identified as Bharat Kumar alias Babu.

During his cursory search, one sophisticated pistol .32 bore and 3 live cartridges were recovered from his possession. He also disclosed his involvement in Alipur Murder Case. Accordingly, a case of Arms Act has been registered against him and he has been arrested. During interrogation accused Vishal and Bharat disclosed that on the instructions of jailed gangster Amit alias Dabang, they along with their associates namely Sumit alias Jhumka, Sagar and Neeraj opened fire on deceased Narender and injured Tarun Yadav.

Accused Vishal disclosed that he came in contact with Dabang through one of his friends and thereafter he started talking to Dabang over the phone. In March 2024, Dabang provided a safe house to him and his associate Sagar for the murder of a member of the Gogi gang and the name of the gang member will be provided to them later on.

Thereafter a day before the crime, accused Jhumka, Neeraj and Bharat joined them in Nathupura, Sonipat border area. Accused Jhumka provided pistols and live cartridges to other assailants. Two motorcycles, used in crime, were also provided by the henchmen of Dabang near Hanuman Mandir, Alipur.

Thereafter on 22.04.2024, all above-accused persons came to the spot from the Nathupura area on two different motorcycles. Accused Happy was also present at the spot took instructions from Dabang and provided the information regarding movement of the Tempo. After committing the crime, all accused went back to Nathupra and on the next day, they left Nathupura and went separately to different places in Haryana.

The arrested accused persons are being interrogated for their involvement in other cases and efforts are being made to arrest their associates and fire-arms recovery. Further investigation of the case is in progress, police said. (ANI)

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