US and Japan Accelerate Military Cooperation Amid Global Tensions

The United States seeks Japan's assistance to replenish missile inventory and repair warships due to ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine. This is part of a broader effort to maintain deterrence in the Indo-Pacific region, as confirmed by US and Japanese defense officials during recent talks in Tokyo.

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US and Japan Accelerate Military Cooperation Amid Global Tensions
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The United States is turning to Japan for urgent help in replenishing missile inventory and repairing warships. Ongoing conflicts in the Middle East and Ukraine have strained U.S. resources, and Washington aims to uphold its deterrence in the Indo-Pacific, said US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel.

In a significant move, Japan and the US recently began discussing ways to accelerate military industrial cooperation, following an April agreement between Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and US President Joe Biden. Talks in Tokyo this week include key defense officials and aim to establish working groups for missile co-production, and for maintenance and repair of US Navy ships and Air Force aircraft.

Ambassador Emanuel emphasized that the US military-industrial base cannot meet all of its strategic obligations alone. The joint efforts aim to free up US industrial capacity for new shipbuilding while utilizing Japanese shipyards for repairs to boost efficiency and deterrence. Emanuel underscored that the aim is prompt production, not just meetings, amidst rising tensions in the Indo-Pacific due to an assertive China.

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