Why Cubicle Curtains Are So Essential In Healthcare Facilities

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Why Cubicle Curtains Are So Essential In Healthcare Facilities
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Healthcare is a sector in which it is always important to find the best margins possible. A patient's experience must be as comfortable as it can be, their treatment as effective as feasible, and their outcome as positive as possible. For those reasons, it is essential that healthcare facilities have the best products and practices available to them, and cubicle curtains play an immense part in ensuring this is the case.

Without any shadow of a doubt, the curtains around a hospital bed make a big difference in the ability of patients to convalesce and recover, and in the ability of healthcare professionals to do their jobs. If you were wondering how a simple curtain could be so important, then it is only necessary to read on.


A patient in a hospital has lost something that most of us take for granted - the freedom to be in their own home doing what they want, when they want. On top of this, they are among strangers, and often wondering what's going on. The last thing anyone in this position wants is to be deprived of any privacy as they come to terms with their situation. Cubicle curtains are, therefore, entirely vital elements of their comfort and well-being while on a ward.


For reasons that are complex and often unavoidable, as many as 300,000 patients a year in the UK pick up an infection as an in-patient. Given that hospital is where you go when you want to get better, the irony of this will not be lost on anyone. To keep healthcare-related infections as low as they can possibly be, every surface that can be sterile should be - and this includes the curtains.


Hospitals are not just where people go to be treated for an illness or injury. They are also places where medical research can take place - and the accuracy and viability of that research is of paramount importance. That means that medical scientists cannot afford the risk of cross-contamination when it comes to samples. Cubicle curtains play a huge part in protecting this research, and without this protection, rapid cures and diagnoses would be impossible.

Mother and baby care

We've already looked at the aspects of privacy and safety in hospitals, and neonatal facilities are of particular importance because they touch on both fronts. A new mother will need lots of rest and time to bond with the baby, with a minimum of disturbance; this time is protected by the right curtains. Equally, a newborn baby is more vulnerable than most adults to germs and infection - so this early bonding should happen in as sterile an environment as can be achieved.

As much as we don't want to spend any more time than is necessary for a healthcare facility, it should be ensured that what time we do spend in one is supported by the protection of standard medical procedures. This is why it is so essential that healthcare facilities have the right cubicle curtains wherever possible.

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