What are the benefits of drinking vortex water?

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What are the benefits of drinking vortex water?
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Drinking water is constantly mentioned as a reason to stay healthy, have healthier skin, and be more energetic. We’ve become accustomed to understanding drinking enough water throughout the day, even utilizing methods of water flavoring to get us to enjoy drinking the water. Without a doubt, drinking the required amount of daily water intake will keep your body functioning well, give you shinier hair and brighter skin, and numerous other benefits but let’s stop to think about the quality of the water we are consuming. 

Water is already treated in order to prevent widespread waterborne diseases but even with intensive municipal water treatments, water might not be as crystal clear as we assume. The quality and the sanitation of water will then dictate just how beneficial your water intake will be. Yes, even unfiltered clean water is better than not consuming any water but just imagine how the benefits will double if you were to intake the highest quality water. Well, where do you get this high-quality water and what is it? Vortex water, you can find it right at your tap!   

What is this highly valued vortex water? Good thing you asked, we have all the necessary information for you! Let’s discuss how vortex water works and what it is exactly, all the amazing benefits of vortex water, and just how to get vortex water in your homes. Let’s dive right in. 

What is Vortex Water? 

You might have heard of vortex water or frequently discussed as structured water, and all of its never-ending properties and benefits but what is this vortex water and how does it work? Let’s start off with what vortex water actually is; this peculiar water occurs when the water has a unique molecular arrangement within it – which can be found in mineral water out in nature.  

Let’s go back a few steps, yes vortex water has a different micro-clustered molecular arrangement but that does not mean it is not water; essentially, vortex water has the same chemical make H₂O, but the way they are arranged is what makes it so unique. This micro-clustered molecular arrangement is in a hexagonal shape which is where it gets the name structured water from. This hexagonal form occurs naturally when water is in nature, and this is what gives vortex water its unique capabilities and properties. With this molecular form, water gains the ability to self-clean itself, balance its own pH levels, and increase dissolved oxygen levels, among numerous other benefits. 

Now that we understand what vortex water is, let’s find out all about the benefits that vortex water can bring to you.  

Benefits of Vortex Water

We now understand what vortex water is but just what are the benefits of vortex water for it to differ so much from regular water. Vortex water has numerous benefits it can offer to you, your home, your pets, and your surroundings but let’s focus on some of the most prevalent benefits of vortex water.  

Self-Clean Continuously  

Vortex water has the unique ability to not only self-clean itself from all the bacteria, viruses, infections, pathogens, and such but also to keep itself fully sanitary at all times. This makes vortex water fully clear and more robust against all toxic substances that might make their way into the water. Though it may remove all harmful minerals, substances, and chemicals (yes, even excess chlorine), it ensures that no essential minerals are lost from the water. This keeps your water free of contaminants but fully of healthy nutrients and minerals. 

Increase Hydration

The nature of the micro-clustered molecular arrangement allows water to not only to self-clean itself but to penetrate the fully clean water deeper into the cells of our bodies to hydrate more intensely. Instant hydration without the side effects of heaviness! With intense and longer hydrations cells perform at their best leading to improved bodily functions, improved metabolism, and a healthier body. 

Balance pH Levels 

Water’s pH balance is crucial to keeping our bodies healthy if the water we ingest has off-balance pH it can cause issues to our digestive system. For instance, if the water we are drinking is either too acidic or too alkaline then it can cause an upset stomach, issues with the metabolism, and dry skin. On top of that, if the water pH is not in balance then you will start seeing faster corrosion and staining around the pipes and appliances. Vortex water removes all issues at hand as it naturally balances its own pH levels, leaving your vortex water at a constant optimum  

Enhance Bodily Functions

Due to the peak quality and capabilities of vortex water, consuming it will naturally improve your health and bodily functions instantly. Your skin and hair will be healthy and glowing as water provides necessary hydration without excess chlorine and hard substances. This is especially the case for those who suffer from dehydrated or irritated skin as well as scalp, you won’t have to suffer from excessively dry or itchy skin after showers or swims.  

Aid in Home Maintenance 

Vortex water does not have the drawbacks of hard water as it eliminates all the excessive amounts of hard metals, minerals, and chlorine. Hard water can lead to corrosion around the house, and mineral build-up around drinks, toilets, and showerheads. If the water pH levels are also not in balance then that can add another headache as limescale may start to build around water sources. Vortex water helps prevent such issues and saves you from such headaches. 

Increased Dissolved Oxygen

It has been found that vortex water has another monumental benefit and it is that it contains higher levels of dissolved oxygen. DO is essential to the survival of our environment and especially crucial to aquatic life and organisms. Vortex water, therefore, brings your home and your environment benefits equally. 

How does vortex water work?

Vortex water has a unique molecular arrangement that gives it its distinct properties but how exactly does this happen? Water that is actively flowing and moving through the purest water sources such as mountain springs or glacial melts naturally has the vortex water structure. Water at these sources is in a continuous movement which gives water the necessary flow and ebb motion in order to retain this vortex water structure. 

Ideas of vortex water were first introduced by Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian scientist, and inventor. He found through his observations that water that was in continuous motion gained these unique properties but he also observed how once this water was taken out from its own habitat, lost all of its coveted abilities. After studying the water he discovered it to be due lack of water’s natural vortexing motion. As the water is taken from natural water sources it is stripped bare of essential minerals to then go through intensive treatments with chemical additives. The stillness of municipally treated water raptures the micro-clustered molecular arrangement, leaving it bare of its unique properties. 

That being said, Viktor Schauberger also found that this arrangement could be restored, reestablishing vortex water fully with its own properties.                                               

How to vortex a drink?

Now that we understand how vortex water occurs in nature and just how that inner water structure is lost, we have to figure out how we can turn the regular tap water into vortex water in our homes. At this point, you might think restoring the innate water micro-clustered molecular arrangement will require a large number of pieces of equipment, constant checking, and overall be a hassle but we’re happy to say it does not have to be so. 

As we have mentioned above, vortex water occurs in nature due to its own flow and motions and it is due to the lack of this movement that inner structure dissipates. To revive and revitalize the water, Viktor Schauberger found that it just had to go through a similar motion once again, letting the water go through its natural state of being. This is how the vortex water treatment came to be; the main aim of the water treatment is to restore the structure by imitating the natural ebb and flow of the vortex water. 

The vortexing motion revitalizes the water and brings about the micro-clustered molecular arrangement, the stillness in water is counteracted and so the highly coveted vortex water is in its place. So where can you purchase this vortex water treatment? 

Where to Buy Vortex Water Revitalizer?

So far you’ve read about all the magic and benefits of vortex water and how you can get vortex water in your home but where do you buy this treatment? The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ is the answer you’re looking for! 

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ provides you with an easy and simple solution right at your water sink. The water treatment works by implementing a double spiral to imitate the natural flow movement of water in nature with a powerful vortexing motion. With straightforward installation and no need for ample space, you can have vortex water right at all water sources in your home.   

The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ delivers more benefits by offering

  •  A 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 10-Year Limited Warranty! 
  • Installation is for a lifetime; you won’t have to change or maintain your Vortex Water Revitalizer™. 
  • No excessive costs or hidden fees as the core belief is that quality vortex water should be available to all. 

Find your next vortex water treatment over at The Vortex Water Revitalizer™ – getting top-quality vortex water in your homes has never been easier!

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