In a first, Himachal Police gets three women buglers

In a first, Himachal Police gets three women buglers

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In a first, Himachal Police gets three women buglers
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Three women personnel of Himachal Pradesh Police have broken gender stereotypes and made their way into the male-dominant arena of bugle players.

In a first for the state, these women personnel have been trained to become 'lady buglers' in the guard of honour and other ceremonies, according to a statement issued here on Saturday.

Buglers play a vital role in the police force as their bugle calls serve as important signals during ceremonies, parades and other official events.

The three lady constables -- Shivani, Shweta, and Neeshu -- have completed the 'basic bugler' course of four months duration from the Himachal Pradesh Police Training College in Daroh, the statement said.

The trio is now serving at the Indian Reserve Battalion, it said.

This initiative to train women personnel as buglers not only highlights the police department's dedication to diversity, but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring women in law enforcement, the statement said. The initiative was undertaken during the incumbency of Inspector General of Police (IGP) Bimal Gupta as Principal of Himachal Pradesh Police Training College.

It is also in line with DGP's thinking of encouraging women police into areas, which were hitherto reserved for males, officials said.

Until now, playing the bugle used to be a male-dominated craft. The operation of this musical instrument requires a lot of lung power, and physical and mental control.

Bugle is an important military instrument; the bugle call is used to indicate the daily routines of a camp. Historically, the bugle was used in the military to relay instructions from officers to soldiers during battle. They were used to assemble the leaders and to give marching orders to the camps.

Playing of the bugle is a must when the national flag is raised during sunrise and lowered after sunset.

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