Egypt Stands Firm: Defending National Security and Palestinian Rights Amid Rising Tensions

Egypt emphasizes its commitment to treaties but remains open to all scenarios to protect its national security and Palestinian historical rights. This stance comes amid growing tensions with Israel over military operations in Rafah, impacting humanitarian aid delivery and regional stability.

Reuters | Updated: 21-05-2024 23:22 IST | Created: 21-05-2024 23:22 IST
Egypt Stands Firm: Defending National Security and Palestinian Rights Amid Rising Tensions

Egypt's respect for treaties does not prevent it from using "all scenarios to preserve its national security and the historical rights of Palestinians", the state-affiliated Al Qahera News TV quoted what it termed a high-level source as saying on Tuesday.

The report came as tension grows between Egypt and Israel over the Israeli military operation in and around the city of Rafah at the southern end of the Gaza Strip, just across the border from Egypt. Israel and Egypt signed a peace treaty in 1979 and for years have cooperated closely on security across their shared border and on the border between Gaza and Egypt.

Cairo has warned, however, that relations could be undermined by Israel's campaign in Gaza. It says the offensive in Rafah is preventing use of the Rafah crossing for deliveries of badly needed humanitarian aid into Gaza.

Israel announced on May 7 that it had taken operational control of the crossing. Egyptian security sources say Egypt opposes Israel's presence there and wants it to withdraw. Since the war between Israel and Hamas began on Oct. 7, Egypt has expressed concern that Israel's campaign could push residents of the Palestinian enclave across its border, where it has bolstered security.

Egypt has presented its opposition to displacement as a defence of Palestinians' historical rights.

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