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White House says U.S. not involved in Turkish operation in Northern Syria

Reuters | Washington DC | Updated: 07-10-2019 09:15 IST | Created: 07-10-2019 09:14 IST
White House says U.S. not involved in Turkish operation in Northern Syria
Flag of Turkey (T), flag of USA (D) (representative image) Image Credit: ANI

U.S. armed forces will not be involved or support a planned Turkish operation in northern Syria, the White House press secretary said on Sunday after a phone call between President Donald Trump and his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan. U.S. forces "having defeated the ISIS territorial 'Caliphate' will no longer be in the immediate area," the press secretary said in a statement.

Turkey will now be responsible for all ISIS fighters in the area captured over the past two years, according to the statement.



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