How to develop Psychic skills?

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How to develop Psychic skills?
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Psychics are simple individuals who can see beyond the realms of this mundane world. they hear on a different spectrum, have heightened senses of taste and smell or they possess the power to feel abstract things to which a normal person is oblivious.

It all depends on the perception of the other person where he draws the line between normal and special. Our confirmation biases and society at large now believe in things that they can either touch, see or feel and have a scientific explanation to it. We all can see why the sky is blue in the day and black in the night.

As we grow and develop our own set of beliefs based on rationality or morality, we realise that there are phenomena that only some can comprehend. We find ourselves wielding powers and abilities that are inherent and unique through the process of realisation and self-introspection. Some call it paranormal and some call it Psychic. Professional Free Psychics are sought by people to get spiritual help or get answers to some questions.

Who is a psychic?

Sometimes the occurrence of an event cannot be explained scientifically. These happenings don't appear to have any concrete biological, physical or chemical reason. It is believed that they occur because of the presence of some people having physic powers. These episodes are denoted by the symbol Ψ which is pronounced and spelt as psi, the 23rd letter of the Greek alphabets having the numerical value 700, as mentioned in So, you Think You Are Psychic? By William M. Briggs.

According to Your Psychic Powers and How to Develop Them written by Prof. Carrington, Stanford University, a psychic person uses its heightened state of senses known as ESP or extrasensory perception to reveal abstract things that are generally non-accessible to normal senses. These ESPs maybe telepathy or the power to read minds or move objects with mental energy or clairvoyance which is the power of seeing hidden things like having a precognition of the future or what happened in the past.

Do people believe in the paranormal?

A research report published in the University of London, Priming psychic and conjuring abilities of a magic demonstration influences event interpretation and random number generation biases, reveals some astonishing data. According to Rice, only 10% of the citizens of the USA would like to call themselves sceptics. On the brighter side, 90% of people in Europe have reported having experienced something unearthly and paranormal. More than half of the population of Germany believe in parapsychological phenomena.

Can we prove psychic abilities exist?

Some psychics show abilities such as telekinesis or apportation which is referred to as an appearance of objects out of nowhere without anyone moving them physically. Contemporary science rebuffs the existence of these things claiming it to be a part of Pseudoscience.

However, the Institute of Noetic Sciences was established in 1973 by pioneers of science, i.e., Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon and Paul N. Temple to decode the power of the mind. The institute's research is available in the public domain for everyone to access. Their research relies heavily on the principle of Noetic sciences.

Noetic Science is a branch of Metaphysics where the power of intellect is studied. The institute and the Noetic theory find special mention in Dan Brown's The Lost symbol where Peter Solomon's sister successfully weighs the soul of a man which was inspired by a real experiment lead by MacDougall. He claims it to be weighing exactly 21 grams. So, as of now, there is no cogent experiment to prove the existence of psychic abilities. But for those who believe in it, here are some ways to invoke or improve them.

How to develop different types of psychic skills?

How to develop clairvoyant skills?

Clairvoyance is the ability to see things and identify them without seeing them with actual senses. Go to a book store and head to the history section. Take any random book and count any random number. Try to discern the first alphabet of the first number on that page number. Write it down and go to page number 37. Let anyone read the entire line of the page and try to reveal the third word. Repeat it with other books. If you can decipher them correctly, this means you are a clairvoyant.

How to perform astral projection?

Lie down in a comfortable position in a quiet place. If you tend to sleep while lying down, it is advised to use an armed chair. There should not be any distracting light or noise. You may put on some light music without any beats for assistance. Focus on your breathing and try to imagine you are in a protective circle and white light is flooding around you. Start counting backwards to relax and take your mind off from distracting things. Repeat this exercise and after some time, you may feel that your body is moving and you are seeing colourful stars in front of your eyes. Gradually, start projecting your thoughts to move around in the astral plane. Visualise coming back to your body to come out of the trance.

How to develop precognition?

Some people believe their dreams hold prophetic value. To enhance this, sleep and dream. Write down the number that first comes to your mind from 1-6. Roll a die later in the day to see what number you got. Repeat this for a few days and have a food item of your liking whenever you dream of getting the right number. It is believed that developing precognitive skills are related to some reward or danger. Instead of eating good food for every correct guess, you may choose to inflict pain on every incorrect guess like standing arms up for half an hour. Repeat this exercise for 20 days and record all that happens. If you dream of guessing the right number, congratulations, you have the gift of precognition.

These exercises are also subject to randomisation and probability. All due care and caution must be taken before the exercises so that the mind may not get any subconscious hints. Try to apply your powers to the concrete world, but beware of using these powers for materialistic gains as it is believed that doing this may hinder your power.

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