Google doodle celebrates Slovakia’s Freedom and Democracy Day 2021

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Google doodle celebrates Slovakia’s Freedom and Democracy Day 2021
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Happy Freedom and Democracy Day, Slovakia!

Today Google doodle on Slovakia Freedom and Democracy Day of the year 2021. The public holiday is always celebrated on November 17 in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Today doodle celebrates this nationwide holiday and honors the milestone events that resulted in Slovakia becoming a nation governed by its people.

On November 15, 1939, a group of Czechoslovakian students catalyzed a series of occupation protests. This show of national resilience reached a fever pitch on November 17 as thousands demanded freedom from the oppression of foreign powers. Fifty years later, peaceful protests inspired by these events began on November 16 in Prague and Bratislava, the modern capital of Slovakia.

Led primarily by students and artists, the demonstrations sparked what is now known in Slovakia as the "Gentle Revolution." 1989 there was a memorial march to mark the 50th anniversary of the student revolt. The authorities tried to suppress the march which only led to an avalanche of popular protests in Czech and Slovak cities. Over the following days, the protests grew into non-violent strikes at first involving students and later all citizens of Czechoslovakia.

One day after a peaceful protest in Bratislava had come to an end, the government announced the transition of power. This historic announcement was followed by thousands jingling their keys, a symbolic act that represents the unlocking of a democratic government and continues to be used in public demonstrations today.

Source: Google doodles, Wikipedia

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