How Do You Clean a Commercial Kitchen?

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How Do You Clean a Commercial Kitchen?
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Cleanliness in any commercial kitchen is paramount. More than half of all foodborne outbreaks are connected to restaurants, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Here is your guide to comprehensive cleaning.

1.  Hard Surfaces and Countertops

Clean the areas a few times per day. As they are frequently used for food preparation, they become a hotbed for bacteria growth. After removing any items off the countertops, use a soft cloth and disinfectant spray. Stand up to 12 inches away from the surface when spraying, and let it dry before returning items back on it.

Using a commercial steam cleaner is the fastest and most convenient way to get rid of all dirt and bacteria. Otherwise, use a tile-based disinfectant and a soft brush to remove dried food.

2.  Equipment

All appliances in your kitchen, including microwaves, coffee makers, and big machines, require regular cleaning as part of maintenance. Wipe down all of them and arrange deep cleanings weekly or monthly. Every type of equipment needs special care. For example:

  • Fryers must be boiled out once or twice a week.
  • Ovens and ranges must be wiped down weekly (walls, rack, and the door).
  • Cooktops, flattops, and burners must be scrubbed down and disinfected.
  • The ash and grime accumulating on the grill grates must be removed after use. Drip trays must be emptied.
  • To keep refrigerators in good shape, clean the condenser coils every few months using a hard brush and vacuum. Empty out drain pans and tubs and clean them regularly.

3.  Exhaust Hoods and Vents

Get rid of grease and grime to ensure proper airflow. The hoods must be cleaned every few months or more often if you use a deep fryer daily. Clean the filters following the guidelines from the manufacturer. Replace immediately in case of damage.

4.  Floors, Walls, and Ceiling

Wash the floor daily, and clean the ceiling and walls once or twice a month. Vacuum or sweep the floor after every working day. Then, mop it up using vinegar or a special cleaning solution. Wipe off any splatters from your walls and ceiling. Scrub off any grease using a washcloth or soft brush.  Using a steam cleaner is the most hassle-free method.

5.  Sinks

Disinfect your sinks at the end of each day. Delime them, including faucets and sprayers, weekly. Every 2 months, clean the drains and pipes with special degreasers.

6.  Storage Areas

Clean the space thoroughly twice a year, from shelves to cabinets. Remove all the items, using a microfiber cloth or vacuum to get rid of dust and loose debris. Then, use a soft brush and cleaner to remove any stains, grease, and grimes. You may use warm water with soap or vinegar.

The Bottom Line

These are the most important considerations for any commercial kitchen owner. All the surfaces and equipment require regular cleaning and disinfection. A steam cleaner will get both jobs done simultaneously. High-pressure steam works wonders!

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