BJP chief Nadda applauds PM Modi's transformative leadership and governance

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BJP chief Nadda applauds PM Modi's transformative leadership and governance
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BJP chief J P Nadda on Friday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed the ''political culture and agenda'' of the country with good governance, as he launched a veiled attack at the Congress and its allies alleging ''bad governance'' during their rule.

Addressing a conclave on good governance organised by Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini here, Nadda took an apparent swipe at previous dispensations, saying they came to power after making big promises but ran their governments as that of a ''caste pradhan'' and of a particular section.

As a result, voters became the victim of their vote bank politics, he said.

Making a comparison between Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 10-year term and those prior to him, he said, ''There has been a change in the political culture of the country post 2014.'' "Prime Minister Narendra Modi has changed the political culture and agenda as well," he said, adding, "We are very fortunate that Prime Minister Modi has taken good governance to the common people very honestly, regularly improving upon it.'' All the BJP-ruled states and their chief ministers are making efforts to ensure good governance at the grassroots level, he added.

Without taking names. Nadda said that non-BJP governments in the past only talked about objectivity but they reduced themselves to subjectivity due to divisive politics that they pursued.

"They provided bad governance. Their vote bank politics made a big contribution in it because when we get votes in a chunk, our policy is tilted and hence it becomes bad governance and eventually it becomes appeasement politics," he said.

"Nepotism, corruption, malgovernance, subjectivity in decision making are byproducts of vote bank politics," he added.

In an apparent reference to the Congress and other constituents of the INDIA coalition, the BJP chief said they talked about a caste census and the BJP stood by it.

''Prime Minister Narendra Modi gave words of wisdom: G for 'gareebi' (poverty), Y for 'yuva' (youth), A for 'Annadata (farmers) and N for 'nari shakti'. If you take care of the poor, youth, annadata, narishakti, you take care of the entire society,'' Nadda said.

Modi took the country out of "fragmentation" created by the opposition parties and tried to take it in the direction of 'sabka saath, sabka vikas, sabka prayas', he added.

Nadda highlighted the achievements of the Modi government and said, "Good governance is not a slogan nor a magic wand. Good governance is a spirit with which you live.'' "The one who wants good governance should first become dedicated to it, become part and parcel of it. Otherwise, good governance would continue to remain a mere slogan," he said.

Good governance is possible with the support of all stakeholders, Nadda said, adding "We need policy makers and the stakeholders to remain committed to the principles of good governance." Speaking at the event, Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav lauded the Modi government's way of functioning and said he is an "ideal" and an inspiration to him.

He said it is his "priority" to run the Madhya Pradesh government the way the central government is functioning under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi.

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