Zero tolerance for someone like Prajwal, Karnataka govt allowed him to leave country: PM Modi

PM Modi demanded strict action against Prajwal Revanna, accused in a sex video scandal. Modi blamed the Congress government in Karnataka, alleging that Revanna was allowed to flee the country and the videos were released after Vokkaligas voted. He highlighted the presence of thousands of videos, implying the involvement of the JD(S)-Congress alliance during their time in power. Modi questioned why Revanna was not monitored at the airport and claimed the videos were used as a political ploy. He emphasized zero tolerance for such behavior and urged Revanna's extradition for punishment. Modi also criticized the Congress for using inheritance tax and wealth redistribution as fear tactics, accusing them of duplicity and lying about the BJP's intentions. He defended the BJP's consistent stance on issues like the Ram temple, Article 370, and the Uniform Civil Code.

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Zero tolerance for someone like Prajwal, Karnataka govt allowed him to leave country: PM Modi
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asserted that there should be zero tolerance for someone like Prajwal Revanna, and accused the Congress government in Karnataka of allowing the JD(S) MP to go out of the country and releasing the incriminating sex videos after the polls were over in the region dominated by Vokkaligas.

Modi told Times Now that the responsibility to take action in the raging matter lay with the state government as it was a law and order issue, according to the transcript of the interview provided by the broadcaster.

He said the presence of thousands of videos implies that it is of the time when the JD(S) was in alliance with the Congress. These videos were gathered when they were in power and they released it during the elections after Vokkaligas exercised their franchise, he added.

The videos were released after he was sent out of the country, the prime minister said, calling the development very suspicious. If the state government had information, it should have kept a watch and there should have been vigil at the airport, he said. ''You did not do anything, the government of India was not informed. This means that it was a political game and they know that these videos were from the time they were in alliance and they accumulated these videos. However, this is not my issue, my issue is that any culprit should not be spared. These games should be stopped in our nation,'' he said, according to the transcript.

He added, ''As far as Modi is concerned, as far as the BJP is concerned, as far as our Constitution is concerned, I am of the clear view that there should be zero tolerance against such people. Stringent punishment should be given using all the legal options available.'' Replying to a question, he said, ''We should bring him back and strict action should be taken against him. There should be no ifs and buts.'' The Congress and Janata Dal (Secular) ran an alliance government in Karnataka after the 2018 polls and parted ways after fighting the 2019 Lok Sabha polls together.

Former prime minister H D Deve Gowda-led party entered into an alliance with the BJP in September last year and they are fighting the current Lok Sabha polls together.

The Congress has used the issue of Revanna's alleged sexual exploitation of a large number of women, captured in nearly 3000 video clips, to target the BJP. Revanna, Gowda's grandson, is again in the fray from Hassan, where polling was held on April 26. The regional party enjoys influence in south Karnataka, especially among Vokkaligas, the community Gowda belongs to.

To a poser about his charge against the Congress over issues like inheritance tax and redistribution of wealth, the prime minister said he has cited the language, words and written assurance of the party and its leaders to make his point.

''This time I have exposed them to the hilt. That is why they are rattled. When they go seeking votes of one community, they speak differently, and when they approach the other community, they take a neutral stand. This is their duplicity,'' he said.

This is unlike the BJP which always talked about building the Ram temple, abrogation of Article 370, and the Uniform Civil Code, he noted. On the other hand, the Congress has been continuously lying while attacking the BJP by alleging that it intends to change the Constitution, he said, adding that some BJP members said something and the Congress blew it out of proportion.

''They are refusing to hear our version. Now, the Congress asks where wealth distribution and inheritance tax are mentioned in its manifesto. The Congress shouldn't have double standards. The Congress will have to answer,'' Modi said.

Expanding his arguments against reservation based on religion, he said such an idea goes against the Constitution. Citing his government's welfare measures, Modi said he does not discriminate on the basis of religion.

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