Modi Slams AAP Over Drug Trade and Debt in Punjab

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a scathing attack on Punjab's ruling Aam Aadmi Party, accusing it of allowing the drug trade to flourish and plunging the state into debt. Speaking at an election rally, Modi criticized AAP for neglecting governance while industries are leaving the state.

PTI | Patiala | Updated: 23-05-2024 18:19 IST | Created: 23-05-2024 18:19 IST
Modi Slams AAP Over Drug Trade and Debt in Punjab
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday launched a fierce attack on ruling Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab, saying that drug trade is flourishing in the state and the government is in debt.

Addressing his first election rally in the state for the seventh phase of Lok Sabha polls on June 1, Modi said Punjab has given leadership to the country in various sectors - from agriculture to industry.

He then attacked the Aam Aadmi Party, saying industries are now leaving Punjab while drug trade is growing. ''The entire government is running on debt.'' The government writ does not run here while sand and drug mafia, and shooter gangs' rule, Modi said.

''All ministers are enjoying and the 'kagzi CM' (chief minister just on paper) is always busy marking his presence in the 'Delhi darbar','' Modi said. ''Can such people undertake development in Punjab.'' He also attacked the AAP and the Congress for fighting the Lok Sabha polls together in Delhi and against each other in Punjab. ''In Punjab, they are fighting against each other in elections just to show people. Delhi's 'fiercely corrupt party' and the party which is guilty of anti-Sikh riots are doing a drama of fighting against each other (in Punjab).''

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