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Court records point to Sarah Palin divorce filing in Alaska

Reuters Alaska
Updated: 10-09-2019 02:34 IST
Court records point to Sarah Palin divorce filing in Alaska

Image Credit: ANI

Former Alaska Governor and onetime Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin's husband, Todd, appears to have filed papers seeking to end their marriage of more than 30 years, state court records show. The complaint for divorce, quietly entered in Alaska Superior Court on Friday, cryptically bears only the initials of the two parties - SLP for Sarah Louise Palin and TMP for Todd Mitchell Palin - rather than their names, as well as their matching birth dates.

Additionally, the filing describes the couple in question as having one minor child - an apparent reference to the Palins' 11-year-old son - along with four adult children, which also fits the Palin family profile. Alaska media outlets reacted to the filing by reporting the divorcing parties to be the Palins. The story was first reported by longtime Alaska journalist Craig Medred, who publishes an independent news site.

The Palins married in 1988. She is 55. He is 54.

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