The English Premier League

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The English Premier League
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The English Premier League, formerly known as the Football League, was founded when the then-Aston Villa director William McGregor inaugurated meetings by the end of the 1888/89 season. Preston North End became the first club to be crowned champions after finishing their matches unbeaten. Since its inception, fifty clubs have participated in the EPL, with two Welsh and forty-eight English.

While some things in the league appear to be predictable to the casual fan, there are so many upsets and different betting markets for fans to take advantage of, and this is why the Premier League is consistently one of the most popular attractions for the best offshore sportsbooks.

The prestigious title has only been won by different clubs like Liverpool, Arsenal, Everton, Manchester City, Aston Villa, Chelsea, and Blackburn Rovers. Manchester United has won the most times with a total of 20 titles. The English League was renamed on February 20, 1992, as the FA Carling Premiership, which was later changed to Barclays Premier League. Presently, it is the most-watched sports league in the world with 212 broadcast territories reaching over 600 million homes and a television audience of 4.5 billion people.

How Does The EPL Work?                                                                                        

Participated by 20 clubs, the EPL is the highest level of the English Football League for men. It works on a system of relegation and promotion where teams play against one another, home and away across the season. A total of 380 matches take place between August and May.

Games are mostly played on Saturday and Sunday afternoons, with the occasional weekday evening fixtures. Winning teams are awarded three points, one for a draw and no points for a defeat. The Premier League title is given to the team ending the season with the most points

Notable EPL Football Stars

Many players have paved their way to the EPL top ranking, but only a few of them have left a legacy that no one might change in the years to come. Those who accomplished it are adored as the greatest players in the Premier League.

One of these players is Alan Shearer, who played for Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United. He is the highest goal scorer in Premier League history with 260 goals. Also, he won a Premier League title with Blackburn Rovers during the 1994/95 season and came third in the 1996 Ballon d'Or rankings. He was later inducted into the English Hall of Fame in 2004.

Thierry Henry, a former Arsenal player, is another of the greatest Premier League players in history. He played a crucial part in Arsenal's invisible side in 2004. With 285 appearances in the EPL, he registered 175 goals and 74 assists. Henry won two premier league titles throughout his time in the Premier League and as many FA cups.


 Over the years, the English Football League has birthed the Premier League, which we now watch and love. Since its inception, the EPL has been off to a smashing start. Every match is highly entertaining and simply breathtaking. Depending on each team's style of play, some games might be boring and defensive, while others are fast-flowing and attacking.

The Premier League cannot be compared to many leagues in many ways. Also, you can place sports bets on games on the EPL at top bookmaker sites worldwide.

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