Viswanathan Anand talks about Kohli's 'leave India' comment

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Viswanathan Anand talks about Kohli's 'leave India' comment
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Five-time former world champion Viswanathan Anand feels India cricket captain Virat Kohli became a bit emotional and lost control during his "leave India" comment to a fan on social media, which snowballed into a massive controversy.

Kohli had stirred up a massive controversy and was trolled on social media and slammed by critics over his "I don't think you should live in India" response to an enthusiast who called the skipper overrated while expressing his admiration for English and Australian batsmen.

"I think he lost control. He got a bit emotional and he just said the first thing that came to his mind," Anand, one of India's greatest sporting icons, told PTI on the sidelines of the Tata Steel Chess here.

"That's the attitude he is comfortable with. In sport, you see all characters and this is the character that fits him best.

"I try to be myself and in the end, you should be comfortable in your own skin," he added.

In a video available on his mobile app, Kohli was reading tweets and Instagram messages on November 5 when he came across a user, who said the Indian mainstay has nothing special in his batting.

Reacting to fans' comment, Kohli had shot back saying: "I don't mind you not liking me but I don't think you should live in our country and like other things. Get your priorities right."

The 48-year-old chess icon, however, felt that enough was written about it and it's better not to pile anything more to it.

"Maybe Kohli was caught at a weak moment, feeling a bit sensitive and was not in the best mood maybe. That's my impression. Then he lost control of it," Anand said.

The soft-spoken Anand further said it's natural to get emotional and that he too had lost it once in a while.

"People are emotional and they lose control once in a while. It has happened to me even if I was more successful in not showing it. But there are moments when your emotions take over," he said.

"He has got enough criticism already. It's over. Those who did not like it, already criticised him so no need to keep piling on it."

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