Netflix Games Record Year-Over-Year Growth

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Netflix Games Record Year-Over-Year Growth
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It’s been more than two years since the streaming giant Netflix announced its plans to push into the gaming market. Since then, the streamer has added a plethora of mobile titles subscribers can play without having to pay extra. The company’s efforts had a slow start. For a long time, only a rare few users knew about and found the games within their app. But now it seems its efforts are finally starting to pay off. The gaming offering has become more attractive to subscribers, as more AAA titles boost adoption. Recently revealed data shows how Netflix Games are now finally gaining traction.

More People Are Downloading Netflix Games

The market intelligence firm Sensor Tower recently published insights into Netflix Games’ performance. According to the company’s data, installs of Netflix Games increased by over 180% in 2023 compared to the same period in the year prior. Downloads reached a total of 81.2 million in 2023, up by 36% from the 28.7 million downloads in 2022, and 5.2 million in 2021. Something that is particularly interesting: the downloads in the last quarter of 2023 accounted for more than half of all the downloads from the entire year – thanks to the addition of banger titles.

High-Quality Games Driving Installs

The year-over-year growth can largely be attributed to the streamer’s increased efforts to add big-hitter games to its service. Initially, Netflix mainly released games based on its shows, such as titles based on Stranger Things, The Queen’s Gambit, and Money Heist, alongside casual games and arcade titles that speak to casual gamers. However, recently, Netflix has started to push more into the AAA video game space. With the acquisition of established studios such as Oxenfree developer Night School Studio and the creation of various in-house game studios, Netflix proves that it’s taking its long-term gaming strategy seriously. Netflix added Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy at the end of last year, allowing subscribers to play these celebrated games for free as part of their subscription, which is why the fourth quarter saw such a boost in downloads. The GTA games racked up over 6.4 million downloads within the first week after launch, accounting for 17% of the total downloads in 2023.

The release of banger video games is not a fad, as more popular gaming franchises have or are set to hit the streaming service. On March 19, the 2018 roguelike hit Hades was added to the Netflix Games catalogue for iOS devices, with improved and optimized touchscreen controls. Furthermore, Ubisoft will bring games to the streaming service, with an Assassin’s Creed game currently in development that is planned to launch alongside the Netflix TV adaptation of the game. Other big titles include the Oxenfree games, Monument Valley, Tomb Raider, Before Your Eyes, Spiritfarer, and more, with additional hits planned to launch later in the year. Netflix keeps adding value to its subscription service with its strong line-up of games that can all be played at no additional cost and without ads and in-game purchases.  

Free Gaming on The Rise

Netflix launched its gaming venture at the height of the free-to-play boom that has been shaping the gaming industry. Playing games for free is now essentially the norm, especially when it comes to playing games on mobile devices and in browsers. Even AAA games, including big hitters such as Call of Duty: Warzone, Fortnite, and more, can be played completely for free. This trend has now spread throughout the entire gaming market, and is especially evident when it comes to casual and classic games. For instance, classic board and card games such as chess, Monopoly, poker, and many more are nowadays available to be played with friends for free. With Netflix offering Exploding Kittens on mobile devices to its customers adds to this trend. This can also be seen in the realm of casino games. Many online casinos offer a no deposit bonus to their customers, which is reviewed and rated by experts regularly, which allows them to play casino games for free before placing a wager. Allowing users to play games without having to make an initial purchase, has made games increasingly easily accessible to players around the globe. With the number of global mobile gamers rising to 3 billion, it becomes evident that mobile gaming is here to stay, something that Netflix is now pushing into.

After announcing its plans to move into the gaming market in 2021, Netflix Games is gaining traction as the streamer keeps bolstering its game lineup with big hitters that draw users in.

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