Positive thinking, positive ambience and positive communication can act as a boon for the maternal health and holistic development of the fetus. Sign up and become a part of the army of volunteers that aim to make sure that motherhood remains a positive experience, right from the hospital.

If you have free will, commitment, and want to engage with the positive cause, you are welcome to join us as a Devdiscourse Volunteer. This page explores different ways to become a volunteer.


Our 15-month volunteer program is divided into 5 tiers of 3 months each. After completion of each tier, volunteers will rise in ranks and will also be awarded a Certificate of Recognition. One can also choose to opt out of the program after the completion of any tier.

Volunteer (3 Months)

Lieutenant (6 months)

Captain (9 months)

Major (12 months)

General (15 months)

Devdiscourse appreciates you giving your time and talent for the cause. We will hope to establish a long-term relationship with our volunteers.

*In addition to the Hospitals/Medical colleges/Clinics associated in previous tier.

**In addition to friends referred in previous tier.

#Topics for the blog should be discussed with the Devdiscourse team and it shall be published on the Swebsite after required editorial discretion.

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