APL Machinery develops disinfection system to help fight COVID-19

PTI | New Delhi | Updated: 29-05-2020 22:35 IST | Created: 29-05-2020 22:35 IST
APL Machinery develops disinfection system to help fight COVID-19
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Faridabad-based APL Machinery, which manufacture equipment for the printing industry, on Friday claimed that it has developed a UV-C disinfection system which would help control coronavirus infection. The disinfection system, produced locally, is useful in rapid and chemical-free disinfection of viruses and bacteria; hygiene and infection control, fluorescent inspection and tanning, the company said in a statement.

The UV-C Disinfectant system is easy to operate with no recurring cost.  UV-C is a part of the ultraviolet light spectrum that can be used for disinfecting water, destroying harmful microorganisms in other liquids, on surfaces, on food products and in ''air''. With this technology, it is possible to kill more than 99.99 per cent of all pathogens within seconds, without the addition of chemicals; thus, there are no harmful side effects. It is also backed by authorisation from DRDO and IIT, the company claimed.

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