AI in Recruitment: Balancing Efficiency and Bias

The widespread adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in recruitment promises objectivity and efficiency. However, studies reveal that AI can heighten biases embedded in training datasets and algorithms, leading to unfair hiring practices. Effective collaboration between HR professionals and AI developers is crucial for mitigating these biases and ensuring fairness.

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AI in Recruitment: Balancing Efficiency and Bias
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The AI revolution is here, encompassing virtually every aspect of professional and personal life, including job recruitment. While artists worry about copyright violations, businesses are tapping into AI for efficiencies in diverse areas such as supply chain management and HR.

Soon, all business operations will be pressured to adopt AI. However, AI's reliance on data processes means human biases are becoming ingrained in technology.

Our research reveals that AI in recruitment, while promising greater objectivity, often heightens biases. Interviews with HR professionals and AI developers indicate that bridging their educational and professional gaps is key to creating fair AI-driven hiring processes.

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