We, humans, are on the wrong path for energy, risking existence: CEO SunPlower

"No need to save the planet – We need to save us," said Siva RaghuRam, the Founder and CEO of SunPlower, a Germany based Clean Energy StartUp. He is strongly of the view that the burning of fossil fuel for energy has produced existential problems for the humans on this planet. Read the full interview: 

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We, humans, are on the wrong path for energy, risking existence: CEO SunPlower
Siva RaghuRam, the Founder and CEO of SunPlower, Germany Image Credit: Devdiscourse

SunPlower, founded by Siva Chennupati on July 1, 2019, is a Germany based Start-Up in clean and affordable energy. Siva has 19 years of industry experience including 13 years in Texas Instruments in Germany and 6 years in Infineon Technologies Germany - have more than 30 patents. Though the idea of SunPlower propeller first struck in his mind as a child about 30 years back, Siva credits his nine-year-old daughter - Lasya Chennupati - for bringing it into reality.

"Early this year my daughter forced me to cancel all my important meetings and asked me to go town hall on a Friday morning to sign a petition for saving the honey bees. Her stand was - Honey bees are more important than humans and your meetings. Go! save them. The moment changed my life and opened my eyes, now I am committed to protect the prosperity of future generations," said Siva.

He participated as an exhibitor in the 24th World Energy Congress 2019 in Abu Dhabi. Devdiscourse visited his stall during the four days Congress in Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center (ADNEC). In a short interview with Devdiscourse, he shared the information about his disruptive energy technology and experiences in Congress. The Edited Excerpts:

Q.1. How was your experience in 24th World Energy Congress, Abu Dhabi?

Siva RaghuRam: It was a great and unique experience to meet so many great people from Industry professionals, government officials and Policymaking Delegates at one place from all around the world.

Q.2. How your company's disruptive energy solutions could make a change in the world energy scenario?

Siva RaghuRam: SunPlower propeller is a disruption in propeller technology, we are about to change the whole world by disrupting renewable energy harvesting and also disrupting transportation – on both Air and water. For the prosperity of all future generations.

Q.3. What have been your company's major achievements so far?

Siva RaghuRam: As of today, we are 2 months old company, showing our working prototype to the whole world at 24th WEC in Abu Dhabi – We got lots of support and great feedback from Industry Experts and funding organizations.

Q.4. What is your business strategy for further global expansion of disruptive energy solutions?

Siva RaghuRam: Our first market product will be a Solar+ Wind turbine for powering Mobile phone towers (This will be the world's first True Hybrid Solar + Wind solution, with self-cleaning solar panels on blades). This market is huge and exploding globally. About half the world population does not have access to internet connection due to lack of infrastructure/stable power supply.

Q.5. What message are you carrying from the 24th World Energy Congress?

Siva RaghuRam: Energy for Prosperity is the slogan of WEC. I am asking: Who's prosperity? I am very sorry to say and it's a pity that most of the energy solutions shown at WEC are based on Petroleum-based!!! Are we on the right paths? What I carry from 24th WEC is - We humans are on the wrong path. We, humans, are ignoring the biggest alarming problems and risking human existence on this planet. No need to save the planet – We need to save us!!! My kids will ask me "Papa why you didn't do anything" for us? Not just my kids your kids will ask you and curse you for not doing anything. Humanity should wake up to save humans from extinction !!!!

Thank you!

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