The Best Paper Writing Service Out There? –

In quest of the best paper writing service on the Web, we examine – one of the oldest and most favored academic assistance websites out there.

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The Best Paper Writing Service Out There? –
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In Quest of the Best Paper Writing Service:

When heading to college after high school, it’s all so bright and exciting and promising at first! New friends, new experiences, new life – it’s almost like living a dream. And then comes the new reality. New subjects, new responsibilities, new tasks, new problems. Often, by the mid-semester, the ‘honeymoon’ phase is over, and shock comes. By the end of the semester, the feelings of irritability and helplessness are much more frequent in students than joy and self-confidence.

Trying to even, many students spiral into studying more extensively, meaning that they just start spending more time on learning at the expense of other interests, sleep, health. Others comb through the Web, hoping to find ready-made solutions to their assignments, hence saving some time. Yet others turn to friends, peers, or parents for help or at least some advice. These methods might work with varying degrees of success or might not work at all.

Yet, there’s a way as effective and consistent as it is contradictory and embattled. The thing is, a significant part of students regularly addresses online agencies for writing assistance while understandably trying to keep this fact under the radar. They skim through user reviews on Reddit, Quora, Yahoo Answers, and specialized feedback platforms, searching for the most praised, reliable, inexpensive – in short, the best paper writing website in order to shuffle at least part of the burden on to someone else. Of course, for money. One can long reason about how counter-productive this approach could be for students themselves, but the fact is online academic assistance is a multi-billion market with hundreds of companies on one side and hundreds of thousands – if not millions – students on the other.

This article pursues two goals. First, to explore what makes a good academic assistance company worth students’ trust and money. And second, to review – a reputable company, considered by many the best online paper writing service that has helped students cope for over a decade.

Features and Characteristics the Best Paper Writing Services Must Possess

With the help of specialized SEO tools, we’ve analyzed tons of traffic and search queries in order to determine the 15 most visited academic writing assistance websites in the USA in 2020 and 2021 and examine their common features. The idea behind it was to match each service’s characteristics to user feedback on popular platforms (i.e., Trustpilot, Sitejabber, BBB, Reddit, etc.) and, of course, on social media in order to determine the best one out there. These platforms can provide articles for keywords like ALDI Weekly Ad or ALDI Ad depending on the need.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at which features make a great essay writing service based on our cross-platform research:

  • Overall quality of papers
  • Proof of papers’ originality
  • Confidentiality and payment safety
  • On-time delivery
  • A large team of competent English native writers
  • Hand-picking the best-suited writer for each order
  • Responsive and quick support by human reps
  • Personal manager to keep track of the order progress
  • Adequate pricing

So, if you’re searching for, suppose, the best term paper writing service, make sure to match a company you’ve found against the list above. And, of course, don’t forget to check out customer feedback across various platforms. Or simply read on to learn more about – the best research paper writing service and essay provider according to many relevant indicators and our analysis.

All About and Why It Can Be Called the Best College Paper Writing Service on the Web

PaperHelp’s motto says that they help students reach their goals in education and life. How? In a nutshell, by enabling students to pay experts with relevant academic backgrounds to have them craft written assignments from scratch according to customers’ individual instructions and specific requirements. The information on the website is pitched as if the service just ‘helps’ to compose papers by delivering original, custom-written samples or models that students might follow when developing their own works. Yet, there could be no mistake about how students really use the received papers. However, as this is not the actual subject of our article, let’s move to examine the features that qualify PaperHelp as the best custom paper writing service out there.


PaperHelp has been around since 2008. Having started as a platform to connect time-pressured students with professional academic writers, in a short while the company became one of the market leaders. It had its ups and downs but, eventually, earned a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy writing service. Today, a former industry pioneer is one of the most long-established academic papers providers. And though it isn’t on the list of largest companies, its middle-size allows it to stay flexible and ensure personal touch to every customer that so many huge enterprises lack so badly. In PaperHelp reviews, users often point out smooth flow and individual attention from placing an order to its delivery, which makes sense due to perfectly configured business processes honed over the years of operation.


In the case of writing services that produce thousands of unique papers monthly, general quality is quite an abstract concept, however, inherent to PaperHelp’s overall positive reputation. We’ll break it down into several crucial parameters. First off, all papers are crafted from scratch only after the assigned expert clarified all customer writing instructions to follow and requirements to fulfil. Secondly, a large team of competent English native writers with the most various academic backgrounds and different expertise levels (standard, advanced, TOP) let customer managers hand-pick the best-suited author for any task. Finally, all papers are sent to clients only after the default anti-plagiarism check (full reports are available upon request) and the Quality Assurance department’s approval. Combined together, these elements contribute to what customers usually praise as “the high quality of delivered papers” in their feedback.


Unlike many larger companies, PaperHelp doesn’t disperse resources on various supplementary projects like tutoring or sample databases. It stays true to the cause and keeps academic writing and research services at the core of the company’s activity. That said, the range of those services is more than enough for any student to cope with each and all aspects of academic writing. PaperHelp experts can develop an entire paper from scratch; craft the required part of a larger piece; edit, proofread, or rewrite content sent by a customer; solve problems and STEM assignments; put together a presentation; deal with Q&A or multiple-choice questions, etc. When it comes to custom writing, it goes without saying that PaperHelp covers any type of papers an educational institution may throw at you – from essays and reviews to case studies and dissertations.


When researching and analyzing data for this article, we’ve acknowledged that questions about user confidentiality and payment security were most frequently discussed in forum threads and subreddits. Measures implemented to preserve customers’ confidentiality include SSL certification (using HTTPS), registration with minimum information (only a valid email is required), and strict user data non-sharing policy (yes, we’ve read the service’s Terms & Conditions, all of them). In the context of payment security, it’s enough to point out that the payment processor is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – a benchmark set of strict data security measures to prevent scams and fraud. Simply put, PCI DSS is a must for every self-respecting website (but still a rare occasion among online writing companies). So, is safe to use in terms of confidentiality and payment security? – Yes, insofar as only possible.


The set of PaperHelp guarantees is standard for the top players in the industry and, in addition to the above-mentioned confidentiality and payment security guarantees, also includes a quality guarantee, paper originality guarantee, on-time delivery guarantee, and of course, money-back guarantee. According to the latter one, you can request a 50%-70%-100% refund, depending on the order processing stage.

Support customer support is conventionally available 24/7 via several means of communication – you can choose between Live Chat, several kinds of messengers, toll-free phone, or email. In any scenario, users deal not with bots but with real people. According to customer reviews, support agents are mostly ESL but with sufficient command of the language. And most importantly, they are tooled for resolving issues, not trying to downscale them or upselling. Additionally, as part of paid VIP customer care package, you can get a personal manager to keep track of the order progress and keep you updated on any status change.


PaperHelp pricing system is flexible; major factors that affect the order cost are a type of paper/assignment, academic level (high school, college, university, graduate school / PhD), deadline, and, obviously, number of pages. Additional elements that may increase the price include changing the writer category (from Basic to Advanced or TOP) and opting for paid Extras (for instance, VIP service, Editor’s check, plagiarism report, etc.). That’s it, no hidden fees apply. All in all, prices start at $10 per page (which is 275 words, double-spaced); however, that’s for high school-level essays delivered in 20+ days. A more real-life option of college-level academic writing done in 3 days would amount to $22 per page, which is still an adequate, market-average price. First-time buyers are entitled to a 15% discount with a PaperHelp discount code provided by customer managers. Oh, and every order comes with a set of freebies: anti-plagiarism check, formatting, title and bibliography/reference pages, free revisions, and email delivery upon request.

Peculiar Features

  • You can get in touch directly with the assigned expert to check if both are on the same page with the order.
  • You can hire a previous or specific writer if you know their unique ID number.
  • Loyalty Program – earn credits for every dollar you pay for the order and then use them to pay for new papers partially or in full.
  • Online lecture to summary – recent know-how apparently brought to the scope of PaperHelp writing services as a result of soaring distance learning due to the COVID pandemic.
  • Useful and versatile constantly updated blog
  • Referral program that allows earning cash by bringing in friends and peers as new customers.

The Bottom Line: Want the Best Result? – Hire the Best Paper Writers with PaperHelp

Based on the performed analysis, we can generalize that writing services are help students in times of academic hardships, allowing them to secure the appropriate grade or/and free up time for other educational or true-life activities. But then, there are dozens, if not hundreds, of such like companies. Why There are two dimensions of the answer. First, speaking in measurables, because they do their work more reliably, professionally, timely, affordably, and, most importantly, consistently. Secondly, speaking in intangibles, you cannot resist the feeling that this company doesn’t just run business and make money like the vast majority of other services, its team really puts effort into helping students avoid otherwise inevitable problems.

PaperHelp is not perfect. The number of free revisions is limited to three. Their Loyalty Program credits expire too fast. They don’t have PayPal, ApplePay, and Bitcoin as payment options. Then there is the question is legit? Well, as an enterprise and by the law – absolutely; how students use it is a different story. After all, ghostwriting is a service, not a misdemeanour like plagiarism. On the other hand, you have a team of professional writers – more in staff than outsourcers – and the full stack of ‘cookies’ worth paying for.

There are older writing assistance websites than PaperHelp. Yet, age doesn’t define expertise. There are larger companies than PaperHelp. Yet, size doesn’t define quality. There are cheaper services than PaperHelp. Yet, saving doesn’t define satisfaction. There are service ratings, yet they cannot tell you define what is the best paper writing service. Our verdict is given above; now is your move.

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