Kerala Textbooks Champion Gender Equality: Fathers Now Cooking in Class 3 Books

Kerala's state government has introduced innovative, gender-neutral messages in school textbooks to promote gender equality. The new textbooks feature images of family members, regardless of gender, performing household chores like cooking. The initiative, widely welcomed by teachers and students, aims to challenge traditional gender roles in a patriarchal society.

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Kerala Textbooks Champion Gender Equality: Fathers Now Cooking in Class 3 Books
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Kerala has made a groundbreaking move in promoting gender equality through innovative school textbooks. The state government has introduced new educational materials featuring gender-neutral messages, depicting family members of all genders performing household chores such as cooking.

As schools reopened on Monday after a two-month summer break, these textbooks gained significant attention. A page from one of the textbooks, shared by General Education Minister V Sivankutty on Facebook, illustrates a father grating coconut while the mother cooks. This visual representation is a departure from traditional gender stereotypes commonly seen in households.

The initiative has been warmly received by both teachers and students. Pavithra Krishna, a young student, expressed her amusement and curiosity upon seeing these images, sparking conversations at home about gender roles. Teachers like Sindhu from a state-run school in the capital city believe that such messages will positively influence children by reshaping their understanding of household responsibilities.

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