Attack on Titan Chapter 134 titled, spoilers revealed, Chapter 135 to be out in Dec

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Attack on Titan Chapter 134 titled, spoilers revealed, Chapter 135 to be out in Dec
Attack on Titan Chapter 134 will also focus on Falco and Annie, the two confirmed Titans who can fly. Image Credit: Facebook / Attack on Titan Manga Reader

The manga enthusiasts are ardently looking forward to Attack on Titan Chapter 135, which is expected to be out next month. Fans are excited due to the release of chapter 134 and many are waiting for the English translations.

In the imminent Attack on Titan Chapter 135, Eren and Levi will be seen having a final showdown. Zeke is also expected to make an appearance in Chapter 135. However, this is quite early for the manga aficionados to expect the spoilers because now this is the time for Chapter 134.

Attack on Titan Chapter 134 has reportedly got the title 'The Depths of Despair'. The manga lovers believe that it has lots of things to reveal about Chapter 135. Eren is likely to cause massive destruction that will be the death of too many.

Attack on Titan Chapter 134 will also focus on Falco and Annie, the two confirmed Titans who can fly. Eren can use his powers to make the other Titans fly or fly high in the sky himself to stop the airships.

The imminent chapter can show Eren using the flying Titans to destroy the airships and the battle becomes more dangerous for the allied forces, BlockToro noted. Eren is ready for an all-out war in the imminent chapter as he will not stop his rumbling or pick any other way.

Many fans are wondering how Attack on Titan Chapter 134 will deal with the battle. The airships will commence their attack but the Beast Titan will reportedly find a way to confront them. According to Micky website, the Beast Giant's hand at Eren's back will pick a cannon ball-like object and throw it to the airships' way. It will hit several planes that will eventually crash down.

In Attack on Titan Chapter 134, Karina will regret going to Reiner so they could jump off from the plane and go to Eren. Reiner will then become the armoured Titan, who will fight Zeke, and Pieckwill carry the bombs from the plane.

Attack on Titan Chapter 134's end will show Army asking Eren about freeing him and pulling him out. The story is about to end and Historia will be seen giving birth. This is how the chapter is expected to end.

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