Is Tribes of Europa Season 2 on cards? Know more in detail!

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Is Tribes of Europa Season 2 on cards? Know more in detail!
Currently, there is no confirmation on Tribes of Europa Season 2. Image Credit: Facebook / Tribes of Europa
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The German television series, Tribes of Europa was released on February 19, 2021, and accumulates an enormous fanbase with positive reviews.  The series mainly became successful for its captivating storyline. Till today it has an IMDB rating of 6.66. Rotten Tomatoes have also given the series a rating of 77% on its website.

Now fans are demanding a renewal of the series. In fact, some fans are expecting that Season 2 will come in spring 2021.

Tribes of Europa Season 2 is yet to confirm by Netflix, but according to some media outlets the sci-fi series might release in 2022. Before renewing a series, Netflix follows the viewership figures, popularity and success after the closure of its previous season.  So viewers should wait for more for the decision of the streamer.

"Tribes of Europa is set in 2074, three siblings set out to change the fate of Europe after a global catastrophe causes the continent to fracture into dystopian warring tribal microstates that vie for dominance over other states. The siblings get caught up in the conflict when they come into possession of a mysterious cube." – official synopsis.

 Tribes of Europa Season 1 ends with Kiano (played by Emilio Sakraya) enters the ring for his Boj, which Yvar (Sebastian Blomberg) thrown away at the party. There he discovers that he has to fight with his father. He refuses to fight against his father as he knows that one of them must die.

The old man forces Kiano's hand and the young Origine becomes a Bozie. Besides, Following the cube's directions to the Atlantian ark, the scavenger Moses (Oliver Masucci) and the youngest sibling Elja (David Ali Rashed) arrive at a deserted lake. Frustrated at their failure, Elja throws the cube and as it falls into the water. Elija loses the Atlantian cube that is used to open up a doorway.

There are several cliffhangers left in the first part of the series. What has happened to the cube? Whether the three Origine siblings find it out? Will the cube again become a powerful weapon? If Netflix comes with Tribes of Europa Season 2, we will surely get the answer.

It is likely the three Origine siblings, Emilio Sakraya, David Ali Rashed, and Henriette Confurius will definitely return in Tribes of Europa Season 2.

Currently, there is no confirmation on Tribes of Europa Season 2. Stay tuned to get more updates Netflix series.

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