Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259: Taiju & Takemichi team up for a thrilling fight ahead

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259: Taiju & Takemichi team up for a thrilling fight ahead
Taiju Shiba straightly running over Sanzu with a motorbike. Image Credit: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259 / Kodansha
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Takemichi's fight against Mikey and Kanto Manji gang has been covered in the last few chapters. Currently, we are forwarding to Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259. The spoilers for the chapter are out. The last chapter ends with the shocking news that Takemichi's childhood friend Kakucho has passed away. Before his death, he could finally stop the train and Sanzu's madness.

When Kakucho had stopped the train, Takemichi happily ran to his childhood friend, but the crybaby superhero fell to his knees seeing his friend lying dead on the ground. Sanzu doesn't have any faith in him, and he wants to take this opportunity to kill Takemichi.

Fortunately, Taiju Shiba appears in time and saves him. The scene takes a cinematic turn and shows Taiju straightly running over Sanzu with a motorbike. Fans are excited to know more about the situation in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259. So what will the story be like in the next chapter?

We all are eager to see whether Takemichi and Taiju team would be up against Mikey in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259. According to the spoilers of the upcoming installment, Takemichi and Taiju will have a conversation. Besides, Sanzu is seen lying unconscious under Taiju's motorcycle.

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259, Taiju might say that he wants to go against Mikey. Readers will see a flashback, which will confirm that Mitsuya has recruited Taiju for the second generation of Toman. Previously Taiju confronted Mikey, but he knows if anyone can defeat him, it is only Takemichi.

In Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259, we will also get the updates on Sanzu who is injured by the motorbike. On the other panel of the raw scan, it shows Mikey is preparing for a fight. Chapter 259 may also reveal who the next opponent of Mikey will be. The chapter will end with Taiju confronting two enemies, but their faces won't be revealed. It might be Benkei (Keizo Arashi) and Wakasa Imaushi.

If the predictions are true, then it will be thrilling to see the 10th generation President of Black Dragons going against the two powerful members of the Second Generation Tokyo Manji Gang.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 259 will be released on June 29, 2022, without any break. Readers can follow the Japanese manga chapters on Kodansha's official website, but they would have to pay to read the latest chapters of Tokyo Revengers.

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