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Samira Wiley reveals she was outed by fellow 'Orange is the New Black' cast member

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Updated: 10-10-2018 17:40 IST

Actor Samira Wiley has said that one of her co-stars from Netflix series "Orange is the New Black" had accidentally outed her before she could come out with her sexuality.

The 31-year-old actor opened up about the incident in podcast Nancy saying her co-star, whom she did not name, outed her in an interview and she cried after reading about it.

"Someone from my cast actually, during the interview they were talking about out gay actors in the cast, and they mentioned my name and I saw it in print, and I cried," Wiley said.

"I cried a lot. And I like, tried to get it taken down. I had a journey. I wasn't always super open-hearted, but yeah. More specifically, that's something that somebody took from me. You should be able to come out on your own terms, so that was probably a little deeper," she added.

The actor said she was not "out" when the prison drama's first season aired in 2013.

"I wasn't out in the beginning and I think falling in love with Poussey, which is really a thing that happened to me, helped me fall in love with myself as well," she said.

Wiley, who last month won an Emmy for her performance in Hulu's "The Handmaid's Tale", is married to writer Lauren Morelli.

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