Park Jin Young's Exciting Plans for New Girl Group with Rain's Daughters

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Park Jin Young's Exciting Plans for New Girl Group with Rain's Daughters
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In a recent episode of MBC's 'Radio Star,' legendary singer and producer Park Jin-young spilled the beans about his ambitious plan to form a new girl group. What makes this group unique? Well, it includes not only Park Jin-young's daughters but also the daughters of none other than Rain (Jung Ji-hoon) and actress Kim Tae-hee!

During the lively show, Park Jin-young shared, “(Jung) Ji-hoon is not an ordinary daughter,” hinting at the extraordinary talent these girls possess. He went on to reveal his vision, saying, “There are only four girls, so we will raise them well and think of a four-member girl group.”

Park Jin-young's revelation sparked laughter, with Kim Gook-jin jokingly asking if they were now living as trainees at home. Amidst the banter, Park Jin-young also shared his excitement about his new song 'Changed Man,' emphasizing his commitment to music even as the head of JYP Entertainment.

But that's not all; Park Jin-young had more surprises in store. He detailed plans for a massive JYP Center and opened up about his early struggles, including a near-debut under the stage name 'Park Jin-gam.' Kim Beom-soo, a guest on the show, added to the entertainment with his long-haired visuals and shared amusing anecdotes about his collaboration with Park Jin-young.

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The episode also featured Kim Wan-seon, the 'K-Madonna,' who entertained the audience with stories of her legendary career, including being the first Korean female rapper. Her solo concert, resembling a year-end award ceremony, boasted a star-studded lineup, including Lee Hyori, Hwasa, and Kim Hye-soo.

Additionally, Park Mi Kyung, a member of the Golden Girls, expressed her gratitude to Park Jin-young and shared her unique experiences, including turning down a solo cosmetics commercial and a failed collaboration with UV on a song called 'Menopause.'

The show concluded on a high note with a vibrant performance of 'Changed Man' by Park Jin-young and Kim Wan-sun, while Park Mi Kyung playfully referred to Park Jin-gam turning the stage upside down.

This episode of 'Radio Star' drew substantial interest, recording a viewership rating of 5.5% in the metropolitan area and ranking first in its time slot, according to Nielsen Korea. The genuine and humorous exchanges between the seasoned artists left viewers eagerly anticipating the future endeavors of this extraordinary girl group.

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