The 60th Baeksang Arts Awards: Full List of Nominees

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The 60th Baeksang Arts Awards: Full List of Nominees
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The 60th Baeksang Arts Awards, a cornerstone event in the Korean entertainment industry, has officially unveiled its list of nominees, setting the stage for a celebration of the past year's most outstanding achievements in television and film. Recognized for honoring excellence in entertainment, the Baeksang Arts Awards is a prestigious ceremony that brings together the brightest stars and the most talented creators from across Korea.

Television Category Nominees

Best Drama

  • "The Good Bad Mother" (JTBC)
  • "Moving" (Disney Plus)
  • "Revenant" (SBS)
  • "My Dearest" (MBC)
  • "Daily Dose of Sunshine" (Netflix)

For Best Actor, the nominees are:

  • Kim Soo Hyun for his role in "Queen of Tears" (tvN)
  • Namkoong Min for "My Dearest" (MBC)
  • Ryu Seung Ryong in "Moving" (Disney Plus)
  • Yoo Yeon Seok for "A Bloody Lucky Day" (TVING)
  • Yim Si Wan in "Boyhood" (Coupang Play)

For Best Actress, the nominees are:

  • Ra Mi Ran for "The Good Bad Mother" (JTBC)
  • Ahn Eun Jin in "My Dearest" (MBC)
  • Uhm Jung Hwa for "Doctor Cha" (JTBC)
  • Lee Hanee in "Knight Flower" (MBC)
  • Lim Ji Yeon for "Lies Hidden in My Garden" (Genie TV)

For Best Supporting Actor, the nominees are:

  • Ryu Kyung Soo in "The Bequeathed" (Netflix)
  • Ahn Jae Hong for "Mask Girl" (Netflix)
  • Lee Yi Kyung in "Marry My Husband" (tvN)
  • Lee Hee Joon for "A Killer Paradox" (Netflix)
  • Ji Seung Hyun in "Korea–Khitan War" (KBS)

For Best Supporting Actress, the nominees are:

  • Kang Mal Geum for "The Good Bad Mother" (JTBC)
  • Shin Dong Mi in "Welcome to Samdalri" (JTBC)
  • Yeom Hye Ran for "Mask Girl" (Netflix)
  • Lee Jung Eun in "A Bloody Lucky Day" (TVING)
  • Joo Mingyung for "Behind Your Touch" (JTBC)

Best New Actor category includes:

  • Kim Yo Han in "A Killer Paradox" (Netflix)
  • Lee Si Woo for "Boyhood" (Coupang Play)
  • Lee Shin Ki in "The Worst of Evil" (Disney Plus)
  • Lee Jung-ha for "Moving" (Disney Plus)
  • Lee Jong Won in "Knight Flower" (MBC)

Best New Actress category includes

  • Go Min Si (Smugglers),
  • Kim Hyung Seo (Hopeless),
  • Moon Seung Ah (The Hill of Secrets),
  • Oh Woo Ri (Hail to Hell)
  • Im Seon Woo(Ms. Apocalypse)

Best New Director category includes

  •  Kim Chang Hoon (Hopeless),
  • Park Young Ju (Citizen of a Kind),
  • Jason Yu (Sleep),
  • Lee Jeong Hong (A Wild Roomer)
  • Cho Hyun Chul (The Dream Songs)

Best Screenplay:

  • Park Jeong Ye (Killing Romance),
  • Jason Yu (Sleep),
  • Lee Ji Eun (The Hill of Secrets),
  • Hong In Pyo·Hong Won Chan·Lee Young Jong·Kim Sung Su (12.12: The Day)
  • Jang Jae Hyun (Exhuma)

Best Art:

  • Kim Byung In (Exhuma Sound Director),
  •  Lee Mo Gae (12.12: The Day Cinematographer),
  •  Jung Yi Jin (Cobweb Art Director),
  • Jin Jong Hyun (The Moon VFX)
  • Hwang Hyo Kyun (12.12: The Day SFX Makeup Artist)


  • The Dream Songs,
  • Greenhouse,
  • The Hill of Secrets,
  • Ms. Apocalypse Citizen of a Kind

The GUCCI IMPACT AWARD, a highlight of the awards, celebrates films that significantly contribute to societal dialogue and change, showcasing the evolving narrative strength of Korean cinema.

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