Yeon Sang Ho Drops Hints on 'Parasyte: The Grey' Season 2 Featuring Masaki Suda

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Yeon Sang Ho Drops Hints on 'Parasyte: The Grey' Season 2 Featuring Masaki Suda
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Director Yeon Sang Ho has recently shared exciting details about the potential second season of the Netflix series, 'Parasyte: The Grey'. In a conversation on April 9th, Yeon discussed the series' future and its unique storyline, which centers on The Grey, a group dedicated to battling parasitic beings that use humans as hosts. These parasites aim to expand their reach, and the series also explores the lives of humans who have learned to coexist with them.

Yeon Sang Ho revealed, "The ending that goes into like a post-credit scene is set 8 years after the main story. Shinichi Izumi, played by Masaki Suda in ‘Parasyte: The Grey’, is set in his late twenties."

When it comes to the development of Season 2, Yeon stated, "It’s not something I can decide on my own." However, he shared that during discussions with Masaki Suda, they explored future possibilities. "When talking to Suda at the time, we had some ideas for what comes next. I told him at which point within the bigger picture he came to meet Jun Kyung (Lee Jung Hyun). And to Jung Hyun, I showed the script containing the entire plan for Season 2."

Although Yeon did not provide specific details about the upcoming season, he confirmed Shinichi Izumi's significant involvement. "I can say that Shinichi Izumi will appear. Since he appeared in the ending, he will play a pivotal role."

'Parasyte: The Grey' has quickly risen to prominence, securing the No. 1 spot on Netflix’s Top TV Shows chart for two consecutive days following its premiere on April 5th. The series has also garnered positive reviews from international audiences, highlighting its global appeal and anticipation for its continued story.

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