Jenna Ortega Shines in ‘Miller's Girl,’ but Viewers Are Divided

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Jenna Ortega Shines in ‘Miller's Girl,’ but Viewers Are Divided
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Jenna Ortega, known for her standout performances in horror films like Scream, X, and Netflix's series Wednesday, is back with a new movie, Miller's Girl. Despite its popularity on Netflix, the movie has received mixed reactions from viewers and critics alike.

Plot Overview of Miller's Girl

Written and directed by Jade Halley Bartlett, Miller's Girl follows the story of Cairo Sweet, an 18-year-old high school senior portrayed by Jenna Ortega. Cairo goes to extreme lengths to write a compelling college admission essay about her greatest achievement. Instead of focusing on typical academic or extracurricular accomplishments, Cairo decides to pursue a relationship with her creative writing teacher, Jonathan Miller, played by Martin Freeman.

Miller, who is more than 30 years older than Cairo, is in a strained marriage with his wife Beatrice, played by Dagmara Dominczyk from "Succession." The film delves into the complexities and dangers of their illicit relationship, creating a storyline filled with tension and controversy.

Initial Reception and Negative Reviews

Miller's Girl made its world premiere at the Palm Springs Film Festival on January 11, 2024. Following its festival debut, the movie had a limited theatrical release in the United States and other countries starting January 26, 2024. Unfortunately, the film was met with a wave of negative reviews from critics and audiences alike. It currently holds a low 29% score on Rotten Tomatoes, with the audience score not faring much better at 42%.

The criticism stems from various aspects of the film, including its controversial subject matter and the execution of the storyline. Many viewers took to social media to express their disappointment and confusion.

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Viewer Reactions on Social Media

The social media reactions to "Miller's Girl" have been a mix of amusement and frustration. Many viewers shared their thoughts on Twitter, highlighting their dissatisfaction with the movie. Here are some of the notable negative reactions:

"@cavalierremedy: Just finished watching 'Miller’s Girl' for the first time… I love pretty much the entire cast (Jenna, Martin, Bashir & Gideon) but WOW, that was so boring!!"

"@ladizaloca: #Millersgirl is such an uncomfortable watch. Who approved this nonsense?"

"@EsperanceAdy: This movie sucks...omg, fuck this shit. The number of times I screamed, 'Oh brother,' was actually insane. On the plus side, it's forgettable, so in about 2 months, it will be gone from my brain."

"@feelabrussel: That shed scene in Miller’s Girl. Actually, it’s all just cringe lol. #MillersGirl #Netflix"

"@RaenOfTerror: Rating: 2/10 One star for Jenna Ortega, but this is literally trash"

Positive Reactions and Support

Despite the overwhelming negative feedback, there is a smaller group of viewers who appreciated certain elements of "Miller's Girl." Jenna Ortega's performance, in particular, has been praised by some fans who recognize her talent and commitment to the role. These positive reactions, however, are few and far between compared to the overall reception.

Detailed Criticisms and Themes

The critical reviews have highlighted several issues with Miller's Girl. Some viewers found the film's portrayal of the relationship between Cairo and Miller to be problematic and uncomfortable. The age difference and the power dynamics between a teacher and student have sparked debates about the appropriateness of the storyline. Additionally, the film's pacing and character development have been points of contention, with some critics calling the plot disjointed and unengaging.

Others pointed out inconsistencies in character behavior, particularly with Dominczyk’s character, Beatrice. The film's bias towards the main character, Cairo, and her actions have also been criticized, with some viewers feeling that the story lacks a balanced perspective on the consequences of the characters' actions.

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