Sharad Kelkar shares his experience of dubbing for SS Rajamouli's animated series 'Baahubali: Crown of Blood'

Crown of Blood' based on the hugely successful 'Baahubali' film franchise.

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Sharad Kelkar shares his experience of dubbing for SS Rajamouli's animated series 'Baahubali: Crown of Blood'
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Actor Sharad Kelkar shared his experience of dubbing for SS Rajamouli's animated series 'Baahubali: Crown of Blood' based on the successful 'Baahubali' film franchise. Set in the fictional kingdom of Mahishmati, the box office success of the Baahubali movies took Telugu cinema nationally and eventually globally. It starred Prabhas, Rana Daggubati, Anushka Shetty, and Tamannaah Bhatia.

The new animated project is the prequel to the film franchise. Kelkar, who voiced the characters of Amarendra Baahubali and Mahendra Baahubali originally portrayed by Prabhas in both 'Baahubali: The Beginning' and 'Baahubali: The Conclusion', talked about the difference between dubbing for animation and real movies.

He told ANI, "There is a big difference between dubbing in animation and real movies because when you do live action, when you shoot a film, there is a location, there are co-actors, there is a camera, there is your costume, there is a get-up, there is a lot of things. When you first dub for an animation series, there is only a mic in front of you. You have to imagine the ambience, the actor, his voice, his tone, your dialogues, without your costume, you have to imagine everything." "And then you have to dub the whole series and then the animation is created on top of that. So there is a lot of difference. So it's a challenging but entertaining," he added.

He recalled his reaction when he was approached by SS Rajamouli for the series, "My main thought was, as I am a film buff, I watch a lot of films, especially in the South. And I saw two films of SS Rajamouli sir, back to back. One was 'Magadheera' and the other was 'Makkhi'. And these two are two completely different films. And how can he make them so convincing? So I was in awe of SS Rajamouli. And when I got the offer, my main thought was, that I didn't know what would happen in the movie but I had to meet him. So my greed was to meet him and I met him." "My work was done but then they offered me and I got a chance to meet him every day and share thoughts and conversations and all and we worked together. So that is a bonus."

Talking about the kind of role he is willing to do in future, he shared, "I had promised my Marathi community that I will do something different, I will make the biggest action film of Marathi. So soon they will see me in the role of an action hero." As per a statement, 'Baahubali: Crown of Blood', is a story where Baahubali and Bhallaladeva join hands to protect the great kingdom of Mahishmati and the throne against its greatest threat, the mysterious warlord known only as Raktadeva.

'Baahubali: Crown of Blood' is scheduled to premiere on Disney+ Hotstar on May 17, promising to transport viewers to the enchanting realm of Mahishmati once again. (ANI)

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