Gujarat High Court Greenlights 'Maharaj' for Netflix Release

The Gujarat High Court has lifted its stay on the release of 'Maharaj,' the debut film of Aamir Khan's son Junaid, permitting its release on Netflix. The court found nothing objectionable in the film, which revolves around an 1862 libel case and social reformer Karsandas Mulji.

PTI | Ahmedabad | Updated: 21-06-2024 19:10 IST | Created: 21-06-2024 19:10 IST
Gujarat High Court Greenlights 'Maharaj' for Netflix Release
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In a significant ruling, the Gujarat High Court on Friday lifted its stay on the release of 'Maharaj,' marking the debut film of Junaid Khan, son of Bollywood star Aamir Khan.

After viewing the movie, the court declared it did not target the Vaishnav Pushtimarg sect as alleged, allowing its release on Netflix.

The petition, filed by some Pushtimarg sect members, claimed the film hurt their religious sentiments. However, the court found nothing objectionable or derogatory.

Justice Sangeeta Vishen viewed the film before passing the order, noting it had been certified by the Central Board of Film Certification.

The court highlighted that 'Maharaj' is based on an 1862 libel case involving social reformer Karsandas Mulji, focusing on social evils rather than targeting any sect.

Despite appeals for another stay, Justice Vishen stood firm on her decision, emphasizing freedom of expression.

Lawyers argued over censorship certificates and historical accuracy, but the court's ruling remained unchanged.

The judge also dismissed fears of incitement from the film, referencing the lack of violence following the book's publication in 2013.

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